So…you wear an Islamic headbag allegedly for “modesty” but stick a diamond stud in your nose to draw attention to your face?

HYPOCRISY MUCH? I guess when you are a designated terrorist group CAIR spokesjihadist, as Zainab Chaudry (below) is, you are above the law…Islamic law.

All Quran Putting the ring in the nose should be only for the husband or for those that Allaah stated inthe Qur’an that it is allowed to show adornment to them, and NOT for the people outside. She should not show this adornment to any non-Muslims and if she must go outside, she should cover her face with a niqab. If wearing such an adornment is an imitation of the kuffaar or of evildoers and immoral people, it is haram (not allowed in Islam)