What do you wanna bet this dog was mutilated by Muslims, too?

Muslims hate dogs and abuse, torture, and kill them on a regular basis as BNI readers have seen several times. This poor Rottweiler’s ears have been cut off. His nose, too. He had a stump tail. And there were lacerations to the backs of his legs. This barbaric and cruel attack took place in the ‘Southwest area of Detroit’ (media-speak for Dearborn, a heavily Muslim populated area).

ABC7 The Michigan Humane Society has announced a $11,200 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for brutally disfiguring a Rottweiler. The dog, who has been named Baron, was found on Detroit’s Southwest Side on Tuesday after a concerned citizen called the Humane Society.
Baron’s nose and ears had been viciously removed. He was also discovered with lacerations to his tail and back legs, according to the Humane Society. One of the organization’s animal cruelty investigators said: “It appears that someone purposely maimed this poor dog, which has caused it a great deal of suffering.”

A veterinarian said Baron was doing “remarkably well considering his injuries” but remained on antibiotics and pain medication to keep him comfortable. While he continued to heal, the veterinarian said, reconstructive surgery may be an option.






























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  1. Actually being involved in rescue..I wld give this brave act of human filth to ghetto rats..you know”fun in da hood” savages are savages;muslims,blm seemed connected at anuses.
    Muslim savages prefer poisoning or setting on fire. Negro thugs like this kind of shit.
    It is detroilet..so ” burn da bitch down” famous words of Mike brown’s “daddy

  2. The person who did this it was its muslim master! Gee, how probable is that?! Pretty probable. You dont find rotweillers on streets. The master can also be acussed of organising animal fighting as we all know they have to make money somehow and have fun at the same time( violence is fun for them, take note!).

  3. That ugly dog looks scary as shit who wouldn’t be afraid of that I know I wouldn’t let my son near it I’d rather kill that filthy trash then let him attack me and my son

    • How do these vile muzslime keep slithering in here, GOD! These are such vile creatures that I feel like my I pad has been dfiled when I encounter their nastiness here. Bleah!!!! I’m gussing this thing is somewhat of a femalish creature. This kind make me eager for ALL. Muzslime to be shipped far far away never to defile ANY Western nation again.

    • My dog bit a moslim. Poor thing spent the whole rest of the day licking his ass, trying to get the putrid taste out of his mouth! Fortunately, he was up to date on his shots because only God knows what disease he would have contracted from that putrid thing!!!

      Are you afraid of dogs? You should be because they can smell you infested parasites coming from miles away! You can’t lie to a dog. That’s why you hate them, why you fear them, because they have a deeper, instinctual knowing that goes beyond words.

  4. Dogs are dirty animals they kill children and kill and attack people hopefully one day your filthy dogs attack you and then you’ll understand why Muslims don’t like filthy dirty dogs

    • Zulema the only dirty animal here is you. That is why people in this site and in many parts of the world hates your ilk. You can all parade about islam being the fastest growing ideology in the world, it is bullshit, Anti-islam is growing even faster. We hate you all and our hatred against you is increasing daily and one good day your crappy ideology will die. You hate dogs because Mo the Poop was bitten by one dog. Ridiculous line of thinking.

      You don’t want us to extend our hatred against all muslims, but your filthy prophet got bitten by a dog and angry about it and now you find OK to generalize and hate all dogs. No amount of evidence of the loyalty these animals have shown through history is enough. Stupid, brainless, ignorant bitches. No chance to be normal. I don’t hope you get bitten, I hope your cohorts of ISIS shop off your head in the name of Mo the pig.

    • Actually I think you’ll find that Muslims kill far more people than any dog. If Mohammed didn’t want to be bitten by the dog, then he shouldn’t have raped her.

    • Zulema….where are you?? If you were on fire,my dogs would urinate on you to extinguish flames; But I wouldn’t allow them to:,As ur burning carcass would be diseased!


  5. I’d double the reward if the filth that did this was dropped of at my farm. Can’t think of a more fitting end for them then to have their worthless hides thrown to my pigs to eat.

  6. A Rottie is not an animal that will lay still for this. It is not a dog that can be overcome by one person. This was a group effort. That said, given the geographical location, it’s more than likely moslims. Can we please see these a’ holes spinning atop a minaret by their rectal orifices with their junk in their mouths? If this was my dog, that is exactly what the payback would be! I wouldn’t have to lay a finger. Just make a few phone calls and cry. You’d be surprised at how many who have little sympathy for humans, love animals! Unlike moslems who just hate anything true and beautiful.

    So, to the rioters aka protesters out there…we don’t have enough sadistic crazies in our country, why not just import more????????

    • Yes..like wild pack of wolves..except only human savages get pleasure out of torture.
      Wolves kill for food.
      The muslim and inner city savages always attack in packs.Being cowardly trash.
      What is so sad,aside from this mutilation,is that the pup still trusts..I have seen this repeatedly.
      This dog has more beauty,goodness than zulema and his ilk on their best da alive!

    • Yes..like wild pack of wolves..except only human savages get pleasure out of torture.
      Wolves kill for food.
      The muslim and inner city savages always attack in packs.Being cowardly trash.
      What is so sad,aside from this mutilation,is that the pup still trusts..I have seen this repeatedly.
      This dog has more beauty,goodness than zulema and his ilk on their best da alive!

  7. Because our Glorious Creator gave dogs as a Very Special Gift to Humans, dogs are intensely hated by Muslims.

    Dogs even take care of human babies! And Save Human lives! Only God knows how many times dogs have saved their beloved human owners!

    Thank You, Precious God, for Your Beautiful and Amazing Gift of Dogs!

    Mama Dog Takes Care Baby

    • Thank you Linda. Anatoly France said”if one has never loved an animal, the soul is not complete”
      Considering the Muslim is souless,moot point.

  8. Muslims Work day and night to Cause as Much Suffering, Anguish, Blood, Tears and Agony to innocent, defenseless humans and animals, as they can.

    The Evil Ones Store Up for themselves the WRATH OF GOD on Judgement Day.

    Every act of Sadistic Violence perpetrated on animals and humans is recorded in Heavenly Books that will be opened on Judgement Day.

    Evil Acts are first and Primarily Against our Precious, Wonderful, Merciful Creator who Created Animals and Humans with infinite LOVE and CARE.

    God will give back to the Cruel the Satanic Atrocities they perpetrated on defenseless animals and humans. God keeps All His promises as shown by the Huge number of fulfilled Bible prophecies.

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

  9. Dog lives matter. muslim lives don’t. No sympathy for the six muslims who died in the Quebec City mosque massacre. NONE!

    • You an ol TRUCKER US? Bet that bat would find lot of empty heads. Just get an echo off the empty chambers. Or maybe just like thumping and over ripe punkin, meeting little resistance.

  10. Dog was found mutiluated in Muslum area, but media is not allowed to say that. Any Muslum could have done it, since they hate dogs & are obsessed with mutilations. A million suspects?
    A dog without a nose is like taking his eyes.

  11. You might ask. What low life does this type of cruelty to dogs.
    There is only one group of s**t for brains whose book of religion, tells them it is ok to do this to dogs. They do it to women also because dogs and women are equal in their non-violent religion of peace.

  12. I love dogs, this kind of shit really pisses me off big time. The people who did this deserve the same thing they did to this dog. Dogs do not forget, & and, pay back is in order.

  13. They won’t be allowed to “arrest and convict” if the miserable owner is a Mus-slime. That would be “Islamophobia”! There’d be a riot of “anti-racists” in pussy hats demanding that the owner not be charged. Scumbags.

  14. Filthy creatures!!! ALL muzslime are horrendously bereft of human compassion. They are brutalized by motheMAD everyday of their own pitiful putrid lives and they get so benumbed to what being a real person is supposed to feel and do and understand, that they can do very cruel and horrible things with no sense of right and wrong at all. Only very psychotic creatures can do these kinds of things. Mohammad was a VERY deranged creature himself and EVERY pathetic muzslime is cursed to be just like him. The more “religious” they become the less human they are.

  15. Change that dog’s name immediately!!
    Donald Trump’s youngest child has the same name and this may be
    an underhanded THREAT!!
    We can no longer humans who behave in this manner into our countries!

    • Steve, me too, isn’t it interesting the feelings that rise up when we see what they do to animals? If people were to get alternative news, they would see and hear equally and WORSE things being done by muzslime to Christian human beings every 6 minutes every hour of every day. I wonder if we have just become numb???? Certainly not condemning just an observation.

  16. When the heartless scum faces God in judgement he can plead why he deserves mercy when he gave none to things big or small. We don’t need a person in our society that would do this since they would do this to a human too.

    • “they would do this to a human too.”
      EXACTLY Ameri, that is THE MESSAGE they are sending. Arm up people the real fight is coming. Muzslime are totally brutal barbarian thugs, the ONLY thing they understand is strength and force and like brutality.