COLORADO: YES, it was a MUSLIM on the FBI terrorist watch list who murdered Colorado transit officer in cold blood

A “Muslim” (below) has been named as the suspect in the “execution style” shooting of a former cop and Pastor in Colorado. The Denver Police Department is accusing 37-year-old Joshua Cummings of killing Scott Von Lanken, 56. Von Lanken is a former Wisconsin cop. 

Heavy  According to documents in the case, Von Lanken, a security guard with the Regional Transportation District in Denver, was helping two women with directions when he was allegedly ambushed by the suspect. The attack happened on the night of January 31 at around 11 p.m. close to Union Station in Denver. One witness heard the suspect say “something to the effect of ‘Do what you are told…’” before the shots rang out. That witness added that the suspect had a “swollen face and different/weird-looking eyes.”

His messages on Twitter also detailed his Muslim-faith. On June 25, Cummings wrote, “I seek refuge in the one God from the evils of Satan, and I begin in the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful.” A day later, Cummings wrote, “Wake up people. America is a failed state. It’s about to get so real.”

Scott Von Lanken, victim, below:

In announcing Cummings’ arrest, a police spokesman noted the similarities between Von Lanken’s security uniform and Denver PD uniforms. A source within law enforcement told Fox Denver that Cummings is being investigated as a “radical Muslim.” The station reports that officers found “jihadist materials” in Cummings’ backpack. The Denver Channel reports that Cummings was on an FBI terror watch list.

One of the suspect’s friends told NBC Denver that Cummings had “always been anti-cop.” That friend added that Cummings “held guns to people’s heads before. It didn’t surprise me he finally lost it.”