Hollywood nobodies who likely have never read the Constitution, try to educate us on the Constitution

So-called Hollywood ‘stars,’ including has-beens like Susan Sarandon, are mocking the President in a new video, saying the commander-in-chief is using an “alternative Constitution” to develop executive orders aimed at keeping us safe from Muslims in countries who have repeatedly demonstrated their intent to do us harm.

TheBlaze   Benghazi survivor and former Army Ranger, Kris Paronto, who actually put his life on the line so that ignorant celebrities could continue to lecture and insult real Americans, had this to say about these celebritie who keep putting out anti-Trump videos  while being called courageous for their actions.

“You know what, you’re a monkey and somebody is turning the crank. You’re here to entertain us. When you’re gone, we don’t give a sh*t, we will find another monkey to do the job you were doing.” “They’re not role models. There’s nothing courageous about sitting in your five million dollar mansion and looking down upon us. It’s arrogant, it’s pompous, and it’s not bravery,” he added.

So you know what, Meryl Streep, stop putting others down and go do something else. Be like Pat Tillman, drop everything you’re doing and put your life on the line. Robert De Niro, you played a cop in the movies, go be a cop on the streets. The same principle applies to these other celebrities. You wore a uniform as a costume. Try putting one on to serve your country.”