SMUGGLING so-called Muslim “refugees” into Europe now is a major terrorism funding source for the Islamic State (ISIS)

Islamic terror groups including the Islamic State are creating new revenue sources by smuggling boatloads of Muslim migrants (not to mention ISIS operatives) into Europe, Italy’s intelligence chief has said.

Breitbart  Information gathered by intelligence agencies shows that criminal gangs in Africa who work to traffick migrants into Europe have developed “partnerships” with Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle East including Islamic State, Alessandro Pansa told La Stampa on Tuesday.

“ISIS is facing serious setbacks. Its biggest sources of income — smuggling oil products and antiquities, are at the edge of drying out. That’s why terrorists are resorting to human trafficking as a new source of revenue,” Pansa told the newspaper.

Pansa, the Director General of the Department of Information Security, revealed the intelligence agency’s findings at a talk in Naples about Africa and the ‘risks and opportunities’ of immigration.

ISIS forces their operatives to shave off their beards and “dress Western” prior to being embedded among Middle Eastern and African invaders headed for Europe.

Describing the involvement of Islamic terror groups in human trafficking as a major challenge for Italy, the security chief said it’s vital that Italy works with governments in Africa to “attack at the roots of the migration phenomenon”.

Italy’s intelligence agencies are not surprised that the new American president has pushed forward with migration policies promised on the campaign trail according to the security chief, who added: “We were expecting it.”

Nearly 400,000 migrants reached Europe by sea in 2016, with a million more by land. In 2015 the then Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, urged the European Union (EU) to turn boats back to Africa, saying: “If you want to keep life safe, you’ve got to keep the boats stopped. 

However, European Commission spokesman Natasha Bertaud said the Australian model “can never be a model” for the EU, as it would violate international obligations.