Gee, do the Christian worshippers have to lift up their asses to allah, too, when they pray in the UK Gloucester Cathedral now?

Church under fire after an Islamic call to prayer was held inside one of Britain’s most historic cathedrals.

 UK Express The traditional Muslim invocation to worship was performed in front of 1,000 people at the launch of a multi-cultural Faith Exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. Imam Hassan of the local Masjid-e-Noor mosque was invited by church leaders to carry it out in the cathedral’s 11th century Chapter House.

Many worshippers welcomed the “inclusive” act but some traditionalists questioned why a “different god” should be worshipped in such an iconic Christian house. A clip of the call to prayer was initially shared on the cathedral’s Facebook page but then taken down as “inappropriate” as tensions rose.

One post on the removed thread by Isabel Farmer said: “It’s wonderful to be multicultural, but faith is set apart. “We are never to worship other gods in a house built for our Saviour. “My ancestors built this cathedral and to allow a practising Muslim pray to another god is insanely naive. What did you think it would do? Encourage them to convert?

Church leaders defended the call to prayer and said it was designed to promote religious tolerance and understanding. (You mean tolerance for the most intolerant people on earth? Were you allowed to sing Christmas carols in the nearby mosque?)

The row spread as far as the USA and Twitter user ‘Sir Anglo’ tweeted: “Very disappointed that we are desecrating our gems. Gloucester Cathedral is magnificent.” Another Twitter user with the name ‘& drew’ added: “Blasphemy at Gloucester Cathedral as Muslims abuse another ‘interfaith’ attempt’