PRO-HAMAS ‘Women’s March’ Muslim organizer Linda Sarsour under fire for being a ‘fake feminazi’ because of her support for sharia law

Just goes to show feminazis on the left (Muslim and non-Muslim) actually don’t care how women are treated in Muslim countries.

Have a look at Sarsour’s (which means ‘cockroach’ in Arabic) deleted tweets to see what a vile pro-sharia, anti-woman, terrorist-supporting bitch she really is. She continually attacks Muslim and ex-Muslim women who actually fight for women’s rights.





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  1. She is doing Islam’s work of deceiving. Free interest on loans and credit cards does not compensate for chopped off hands, being stoned to death etc. She makes Sharia sound like a walk in the park. Liar.

  2. Rabid God-hater and woman-hater, Linda Sarsour, was one of the top four women organizers and speakers of the Womens March.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an Innocent VICTIM of Genital Mutilation at the Cruel Hands of Muslims. Profoundly EVIL Muslim Sarsour is incapable of feeling Any Compassion for female victims. DIABOLICAL Muslim Sarsour wants Victim Ayaan to experience a LOT More Suffering. And wants Brigitte Gabriel to Suffer, too.

    EVIL Linda Sarsour is a DANGER to ALL Non-Muslim women.

    The March should have been called The WAR on WOMEN MARCH.

    • Linda, have you read her book THE CAGED VIRGIN?, it’s really MUST read for everyone. I read it about 7-8 years ago shortly after reading both of Brigette Gabriel’s important books.

  3. If the stupidly ignorant, screwed up feminists ever could get their stupid ignorant heads out of a very dark place. The stupid ignorant fools just might gave one shot at actually doing something good for ONCE in their stupid ignorant lives. If any of them are actually females and willing to say so they should right NOW, step out and say HELL NO IM NOT GOING TO BE ANY NASTY MALES SLAVE. Hey!!! Is there ONE feminist out there who has the slightest idea what I am saying here????

  4. Shitria: “Reliance Of The Traveller” relevant to women: inheritance, marriage, divorce and justice. I forgot the name of the book on inheritance, the others are M, N, & O respectively. U inehrit 1/3 what yer broher gets. Yer old man can marry you off without yer say so up to the age of puberty. He can kill you with impunity. Yer husband can divorce you by saying it three times. If you remarry, you lose child custody. You lose it anyway when the brats hit puberty. You can not testify in some cases and when you can, yer testimony has half the weight of a male’s. In case of accidental death, yer blood wit is 50 camels, his is 100.

    Stick it up; yer ass, Sharmuta!!!

  5. What a chicken sh*t. She’s taken down the posts. Muslims are like that, aren’t they. Can’t stand hearing the truth, and can’t stand when people know what their truth is.

    Cockroach sounds like the perfect name for this slime bag. I wish we could kick her out. This is just the type of diversity that is the LAST thing the U.S. needs.

    • Well eventually you are likely to be able to take her out rather than kick her out. Remember this approach is all they understand. I would already be following her v discreetly. It has to be a woman to deal with this one. We need undercover operatives. Fake converts etc