While Lindsay Lohan sings the praises of Islam, Kuwaiti interviewer wonders how long it will take him to get into her pants

Lindsay Lohan has finally spoken out in more detail about her relationship with Islam in an interview with Kuwaiti talk show host Swar Shuaib.

al-Bawaba  Members of the Muslim faith welcomed her to Islam last week after she deleted her Instagram pictures and left an Arabic message of peace in her bio. Lindsay Lohan has fuelled speculation she has converted to the religion after she was seen wearing a headscarf during a business meeting in Turkey.

Lindsay, who has recently been spotted wearing the hijab in Turkey, told Swar that she has tried praying the Muslim way and has fasted Ramadan. “I did Ramadan for three days with my friend from Kuwait, it was hard but it was good. It felt good,” she said. 

The 30-year-old actress told Swar that she has read 15 pages from the Quran (in English) and that she practices writing some of the verses in Arabic as well. 

Lilo even said that she listens to the Quran on her mobile phone, using an app.  “Do you feel something special when you read it?,” Swar asked. “I feel calmness,” Lilo said. (I guess she didn’t get to this part yet)

There’s one thing Lindsay didn’t bring out during the interview: her newly-acquired non-American accent, which she said learning Arabic and Turkish were behind it. She did however impress Swar with her knowledge of Arabic slang, telling him “khalas” and “wallah” when he jokingly taught her to say “I love Swar Shuaib” in Arabic. 

The host ended the interview with the more creepy than funny comment, “Thank you, Lindsay, see you in heaven, soon inshallah,” to which Lilo responded, “Hope not like soon enough.”