Could this be the new Marine Le Pen or Donald Trump of Denmark?

Denmark’s newest anti-Muslim migrant party – The New Conservatives’ (Nye Borgerlige) – led by 41-year-old  Pernille Vermund, supports exiting the EU as well as deportation of criminal immigrants and Muslim ‘welfare hunters’ posing as refugees.

Sputnik News  Pernille Vermund (below) plans to overhaul Danish politics and provide a new challenge to the government in local elections later this year.  

The 41-year-old leader of Nye Borgerlige or ‘The New Right’ wants to limit Danish citizenship to people who “contribute positively” to society and have a job and only give asylum to refugees from the UN’s refugee agency’s resettlement scheme. She said: “Those who don’t have the ability to provide for themselves, we have to ask them to find another place to stay.”

Vermund says: We must repatriate migrants all foreigners on welfare benefits when their temporary residence permit expires, stop all asylum treatment in Denmark and ensure that we only assign citizenship to foreigners who have assimilated into our society. “

According to the latest available figures from Statistics Denmark, there are 132,774 Muslims of foreign origin on benefits. (SU are not included). Of these, 108,585 originating in non-Western countries

The former member of the Conservative People’s Party plans to challenge the anti-Muslim migrant Danish People’s Party (DPP) with her party’s strict migrant stance, which includes banning Muslim headbags in schools and public institutions.

Party leader Pernille Vermund, whose motto is “Less State, More Human”, called Islam “a violent religion”, claiming that Islam challenges the rule of the law in Denmark, because its rules and commandments run contrary to the Danish society values.

In a debate article in the Jyllands-Posten under the headline “Nothing Is Like Before,” Vermund unleashed criticism towards Europe in general and Denmark in particular to their approach to the migrant crisis.

“Is the integration for which we have paid billions and which is increasingly expensive really a success? Or are we so stupid that we think that more of the same treatment will provide a different and better result?” she asked rhetorically.

“Enormous resources are spent on the people who come here and threaten our freedom and security instead of contributing positively to our society,” she wrote in a previous post on Facebook.

According to Vermund, the measures the Danish government has undertaken so far with its lavish contributions to Muslim immigrant groups only are “symptomatic treatment” that does not solve the problem. Vermund argues that the real solution is to expel immigrants who refuse to integrate into Danish society.

“Any foreigners or immigrants who were granted Danish citizenship and later convicted under the Criminal Code are to be sent home together with immigrants who refuse to work and Muslim ‘welfare hunters,’ when their residence permit expires,” she continued.

The New Conservatives was formed last year by a group breakaway members of the right-wing Conservative People’s Party, who became disappointed with the party’s “too lenient” stance on immigration. As of yet, the New Conservatives have no representation on the Folketing, but have already entered two municipalities and one region. The party is currently aiming to enter the parliament during next election.

Last month, a shocking documentary shown on Danish TV2-channel, featured imams and other Muslim representatives and argued that Islam is taking over Denmark, that Muslims don’t have to adapt themselves to the Danish lifestyle, and as well condones violence against children who do not worship Allah and unfaithful women.