SOUTH CAROLINA: Parents outraged that sixth grade students are being force fed Islam in a public school classroom

In worksheets provided to Live 5 News, sixth graders at Alston Middle School were asked to fill in blanks about Islam and match up statements from the Quran with the five pillars of the religion.

Live5News  The mom says she is infuriated and that others agree with her. “Our concern is that if the need permission to teach sexual education, they should be getting permission to teach religious values (which go against the American Constitution),” she said.

Dorchester District II spokeswoman Patricia Raynor says sixth graders are taught about several working parts of communities in their “Survey of Civilization” class, including geography, economic structure, and religion.  

“Worksheets on all these features of a civilization are used as teaching tools, including all religions involved,” Raynor said in a statement.

South Carolina curriculum standards specify the material covered in this study of civilizations.  This curriculum is taught in all school districts in South Carolina.”

The teachers do not promote any religion over another, Raynor said. “We work with our families,” she said when asked if parents who don’t want kids exposed to the class can opt out…as the note below reflects.

Now, THIS is more like it. If schools taught about the real Islam as this teacher in Texas attempted to do, parents would not object.

A teacher at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, is accused of handing out an unapproved, eight-page handout on “radical Islam” to students. The decision has resulted in backlash from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, parents and the school district.

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