80-year-old Arab Muslim groom and his 12-year-old bride about to consummate their marriage in front of a crowd?

Am guessing this is Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the onlookers with their cell phones are allowed to witness the old pervert deflowering the innocent young child?

Can anyone translate what they’re saying?


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  1. Real dads care for and would do anything to protect their daughters including dying for them. The beast that would sell their daughter to an old monster mus slum to sexually assault, is not a father but a perverted monster who needs to be put down. This is child sexual assault sanctioned by a demonic cult called is slum as it models it’s pedophile mo ham mad the mysoginist monster.

    • As a father of 4 daughters… you are right on the money Cat !!! This is sickening and why I have taken a position that Moslem’s should not be allowed to enter our country, the USA !!! Their Islaam faith is NOT and never will be compatible to our laws and culture… especially now as PC dies a quick death!!!

  2. Anyone else feeling that aside from the groom all the bagheaded women taping this on their cell phone cams should be exposed to a nice treatment with a Louisville slugger too?

  3. Poor thing looks to be pretty and so young! Honestly, that aged relic can hardly walk. Wonder if he can get the necessary part to stand erect. And if he can’t, it will be her fault. The start of another horrible phase in her life.

    “Putting a couple to bed” after they just got married is an old custom, practiced in medieval Europe and for some centuries after as well. People would crack jokes, shower them with flowers and wish fertility upon them. Fruit and wine would be brought in. But after this ceremony the couple was left totally alone. I really wonder if that happened in this case. I don’t put anything past these perverts.

  4. I finally watched the video and got to 1:07 when I saw the girl. My stomach turned and blood pressure went through the roof. WTF!
    This is way beyond disgusting! I have few words, fit for printing, that describe my revulsion. And to see these women smiling like it was the most wonderful thing to behold only strengthens, solidifies my hatred of these reptilian vermin.
    Any asshole liberal that agrees or stands with these “creatures” should suffer their same fate – extinction!
    I need mind bleach…

  5. The clip seems to mirror how 53-year-old Muhammad married six-year-old Aisha. I don’t know Saudis, you just followed what the Holy Quran commands you to do.

  6. How disgusting,more Islamic Vermin perversions.A young girl sold off to an old Muslim cadaver while primitive full bag jobs rejoice this awful scene…you can bet the 12 year old girl and all the bagged Banshees have all been given the rusty razor blade treatment,and this is what the violent leftists are protecting and Hollywood types are promoting..Muslim Sharia Law that’s what it is.And on another BNI blog a Texas Muslim CAIR Stooge had the absolute hide to say SHARIA AND AMERICAN LAW ARE THE SAME THING….no they are not you lying Taqiyya Muslim Vermin.On Australian TV there is a leftist show on the ABC (Publically Funded) called Q&A,I don’t watch but I did see a highlight online where the panel was talking about Sharia and they had some Somali Muslim Baghead (Yassmin Abdel-Magied) spout her Taqiyya about how beautiful Islam is to Women and that Muslim women had freedom long before western women!!!!!!Well our Aussie Senator Jacqui Lambie told her she was talking BS and that Sharia law is evil and has no place in Western Societies and with that a great yelling match began.As I write 2gb radio is talking about this Muslims bagheads comments..one gentleman is now saying its laughable that Islam is Feminist but in fact treats women like slaves,he rightly says the only freedom Muslim know is when they come to the West.

    • Linda Sarsour and Mariam Veiszadeh (our Linda Sarsour in Australia) are both featuring this on their facebook pages and the dhimwits are praising the muzzrat loud mouth.

  7. May he ever have erectile dysfunction, may he be too weak to beat her, may her womb be barren from his seed. That poor child, may the Lord of light protect her and bring this folly and shame upon the heads of every one involved in this atrocity, this evil.

  8. The Disgusting Muslim women Shriek in Delight and Film the Horror show on their cell phones with Great Enthusiasm. It appears they’re going to film the Rape of the Pure and Innocent Child Virgin — Child Pornography.

    The terrified little girl looks down. She is powerless. Helpless. Unable to Escape from the Sexual Attacks of Filthy, Predatory Adults — Adults who have the GOD-GIVEN Responsibility of Protecting Children.

  9. Good GOD in heaven what a putrid “religion”. I can’t imagine the utter horror for the pitiful child. And this is what the ewwwww urpeean leaders and b o and hitlary and turdo, are PROMOTING!! SICK SICK. PERVERTS!!!!!!! I HATE IZSLIME and the vile creatures who promote the vile evil.

      • BNI I just now came in from setting on my bike across the street from a stupid rally, with many pink hats and about a hundred plus, other freaky people. These lying/ignorant/evil creatures make me SICK and angry and full of HATE for their stupid arrogant/evil IGNORANCE!!!! Females who are supporting the vile muzslime are the stupidest creatures on this planet.

  10. But, but, but, the women’s movement just had a big parade including their pink hats supporting this kind of thing. Remember? Even had Linda Sansour there leading the charge.

  11. Islam is all about POWER. Adults have power over children. Therefore, Muslims cherish pedophilia and try to keep their power over their women all of their lives. And beat them if they disobey… What can the poor women (and men who may think otherwise) say ? It comes from Allah…end of discussion, or else.

    Well, the Westerners have been there and cannot go back. This is called evolution. This is why the POWER-loving Globalists-Islamists try to replace our population with infinitely controllable Muslims…They are so strongly conditionned from infancy, it’s in their genes…and subconscious.
    They have a religion forcibly pushed down their throats from outside, we have our spirituality, based on our inner experience and awareness…
    See the openness and love that welcomed the ”refugees” in Europe. And see how the invaders ”thanked” them…and still are. Two different, opposed Civilizations. Incompatibles. It will take centuries for Islam to evolve, if it can evolve at all…The bloody savagery in Europe matches the psychological, ”civilized” jihad in the West. They will massacre us psychologically if we let them…n’est-ce pas, MM. Trudeau, Couillard and al. ?
    Awareness cannot be shut down. Globalism and the Islamisation of the West are bound to fail. Sooner or later.

    The MUSLIMS problems are the Muslims business and should be solved by them…OUTSIDE our free Western countries. End of the organized subversion.
    Once we give the Muslims’ problems back to them, and take them off our shoulders, we will be able to figure out how to solve our own problems, in our own ways.

    • Correction ! .
      ”the Westerners have been there and cannot go back”. I meant blindly obeying religious dictates and the subjugation of women. Westerners NEVER promoted pedophilia.

  12. This is sad, and even more depressing than the beheading videos by muslims! What kind of people would cheer this old man on, who seems like the great grandfather of this kid! Then again, I wonder how they allowed this girl to get to age 12? I thought the age of consent in islam is 6, and the age of consummation 9! Perhaps she could not find a groom, and hence had to settle for this pervert!

    • No, marriage in Islam is a business arrangement between families. Young girls have no choice. Usually the girl will be married off to a relative. In some cases, she is punished if she refuses. Often there is a marriage ceremony with the bride and groom absent.

      Recall the case in Kano, Nigeria, where a young girl was married off to someone not of her choosing. She got a sad revenge by poisoning the groom’s family and invitees at the wedding banquet.

      Re Muhammad: according to Saudi scholars of Islam, Muhammad “thighed” Aissa from 6 years to 9 years. The scholars wrote that the act is permissible because Muhammad did it.

  13. Ok, am I the only one wondering if his “rod” is strong enough to get the job done? How veril could this old fart be? Why are the onlookers so excited? DISGUSTING!

  14. This poor girl, just look at her face. And if he is impotent which is pretty much the case by that age in most men, I’m sure she will be blamed! SICK PEOPLE!

  15. They’re praising their fucking Allah and lauding him for still having the sexual ‘prowess’ (read: pedophilia) fucking a little girl warrants as well as telling her to get to her duties as a wife (i.e. sex slave) ASAP.

    So typical of Koranimals.

  16. Fingers crossed he’ll pop his clogs…er…flip flops before he harms a little girl who should be playing with her friends and toys and learning to ride a bike.

  17. I have tried to find this online unsuccessfully, but I recall seeing decades ago a documentary on one of the public tv channels that followed the course of one of these weddings with a child bride and it was so horrifying I have never forgotten it. The arrogant little Muslim p***k of a groom is shown right after he has raped the little girl, who is crying, boasting about how he did it. The bloody sheets are shown being hung up in the window for all the savage relatives to admire.

    But it would never turn up on NPR or any other media outlet of the dhimmified Left doesn’t want this to be exposed any more than they want FGM to be aggressively opposed.

    • Ewww wrinkly old saggy arse, bad breath yuk. They really are a bunch of sick sad bxstxxds lol. Islam the sick perverted disgusting cycle that never gets broken

  18. I can hardly believe this old coot can do the job. They will have to produce bloody sheets to show the crowd. . They often deflower with fingers which I suspect he’ll have to do….

  19. Absolutely criminal and disgusting. The poor girl (victim) probably has been brainwashed through koran indoctrination and thinks this is normal behaviour as it’s been happening since Mohamed the paedophile’s equally perverse act.

    I guess there is no point in calling child services as they would likely just turn up to make sure the goat fucker has his supply of the little blue pills. There is obviously a quid pro quo going on between the “parents” and the “groom” with the reward between a few goats and an oil well.

    Another example of a morally bereft religion that treats women and children as goods to be sold and bartered. Hopefully the old c@#t suffers a massive coronary when crawling into bed. Just vile.

  20. get me another glass of Camel Urine that may help my humping..sorry un PC…How could any parent condone this for a lousy bag of money and this is what clinton voters wanted for the US .Where are all the womens rights bra burners letting this type of event occur probably with Aussie Julie Bishop having tea with the UN Humans Rights Saudi Arabia..Not surprised but fail to understand why the leftists cant or dont see this as a problem would turn me homicidal if she was my family.

  21. I can’t help but wonder what the girl’s father thinks of all this, knowing what’s going to happen between the sheets. How on earth can he not feel protective of her? I cannot get my head around all this. Where are all the radical feminists, decrying this culture for sexually abusing young girls? When it suits them, they turn a blind eye. Such hypocrites!