Did you know the latest Trump team target of the Left founded an anti-Islamic terrorism group back in college?

The architect of the President’s executive order targeting Muslim immigrants/travelers from seven terror-linked countries helped start the “Terror Awareness Project” while he was at Duke University. He joins several other Islam-savvy advisors on the Trump team.

Salon  While a senior at Duke University, President Donald Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller helped launch a group on campus that sought to expose the risks of  “Islamofascism.”

A recent review by CNN’s KFile found that Miller helped run Duke’s chapter of the “Terror Awareness Project,” an initiative started by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a right-wing foundation that has ties to anti-Muslim hate groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (the wealthy Saudi-funded communist group in America that targets everyone but Muslim, Black, and anti-Christian hate groups).

An archived “about page” for the project stated that the war against “Islamic jihad and its religion of terror” will only be won if both sides understand the threat it poses and confronts it. “The Terrorism Awareness Project will assist in achieving both these objectives,” the blog post said.

Miller apparently served as the national campus coordinator for the initiative and was listed as a co-founder.

“The sad truth is that America generally is sleepwalking through the war on Terror and our universities are doing something even worse: allowing an unholy alliance to form between the forces of terror and the forces of anti Americanism,” one post said on the “Terrorism Awareness Project” website.

These latest findings from CNN’s KFile come days after Miller went on several Sunday morning political shows to defend the executive order that temporarily banned immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.