BRITAIN FIRST rolls out nationwide ”Anti-Halal’ campaign in supermarkets

Britain First activists leafleted dozens of supermarkets, restaurants, and shops with specially created flyers warning customers that Halal-certified products secretly fund Islamic terrorism.


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  1. Where is the sensitive Prince Charles whose acid critics about the French paté de foie gras were so enfatic ?

    About the halal.. is he afraid of hurting the sensitive islamic people ?
    The Prince is another elite traitor , just it.

  2. RSPCA, ASPCA and other animal cruelty prevention societies around the world are run by global communist cowards. Turning a blind eye to the barbaric Muslim practices, while looking for easy – non-Muslim target to prosecute over killing of a pest such as a rat or bug. Think next time these animal cruelty prevention societies run their slick fund raising campaign – give them nothing. I object to general food produce being tampered with by medieval barbarians to appease some paedophile warlord.

  3. Apart from the unnecessary cruelty to animals, apart from the monies being funneled towards terrorists by use of these halal products, there is also that matter of freedom of religion. Halal by definition is meat that is consecrated to a god other than God. Who the fuck in their right mind would want to purchase and consume a product that is totally against their own Faith? Every right thinking person in the Free nations, ought to speak up about this Evil called halal meat! There is a reason for everyone – people of faith to humanists and atheists. Our churches, synagogues, temples and gurudwaras need to take this up, and enlighten their congregation. Is it even conceivable that one can inveigle muslims into consuming pork products, and not expect a riot on our hands? Why then are we forced to consume crap that is against our religion, and we are not even informed of it? In the very least the labeling on the products need to be changed to reflect this fact.

  4. Halal foods have taken the world by storm. It’s difficult to buy basic things like bread butter cheese etc without that unholy logo. Why aren’t people boycotting such products? Just ask yourselves whether these scums will buy products if lets say it carries a Hindu or Christian symbol. There would be massive outrage. Wonder why these human garbage get preferential treatment.

    • Remember this when the federal Board of Education tries to force hala down your kids throat in schools:

      -The Islamization of American schools, Google it (too much to list here).
      “I am waging a Bloodless Revolution in America’s Public Schools…” – Shabbir Mansuri (Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education).
      Google:CIE, Textbook Publishers Promote Islam in America’s Classrooms |
      Aug 10, 2011 …
      Muslim Chef Wipes Himself With His Bare Hands And then Will Not Wash Them For “Cultural Reasons”

      By Andrew Bieszad on April 15, 2016 

      “Cultural reasons” or not. this is probably the crappiest excuse for not washing your hands I’ve heard in a while. But all joking aside, sanitation is a major issue when dealing with people from many Muslim nations because they have no comprehension of what food safety is and, in this case, the man did not […]

      This is what I think about when I see ‘Hala’ food for sale and I’m getting nervous about ordering beef in restaurants, might also email this to a friend that you care about.

      Some Cultures Are Better Than Others


      Did you know that some of the best restaurants in America are serving you barbarically-slaughtered,

      By Shoebat Foundation on May 5, 2016 in General
      By BI: If your restaurant is serving you ‘Creekstone Farms’ Beef, you are eating meat that has been inhumanely slaughtered by Muslim halal butchers. If it’s not indicated on the menu, be sure to ask the waiter or manager if their beef is from Creekstone. If it is, what you do next is up to you. […]

  5. I would suggest getting a stamp with a 6 pointed star and purple ink. It should have the legend “Approved for Boycott – Tax paid to the The Mossad”. Stamp everything including meat products over the halal stamp.

  6. Announced recently that Cud-burys will be closing their Dunedin New Zealand factory next year due to loss of sales. 300 fulltime workers & 100 seasonal workers will go. In Tasmania 80 people lost their jobs in 2015 due to low sales. BOTH are as a direct result of boycotting Cud-bury chocolates.
    They used to have the Halal logo on their packs then removed it – to obviously make it look like they weren’t paying halal tax. I made an enquiry about this & received the reply that it was on their website they were halal certified. I replied & asked how many people do you think will go to your website to check when it is easier to look for the symbol? What are you trying to hide?
    “We’re being inclusive” blah blah. So you’re inclusive of 2% of Australia’s population but bugger the 98%? On top of that we have to pay more because you pay halal tax?
    I advised them that they can expect a boycott. It took a while to kick in. But what really kicked it of was they brought out a range of Easter Eggs & it got around quickly that they were halal. So WTF has muzzturds to do with EASTER a CHRISTIAN festivity & they have to be halal certified? How many muzzturds will buy Easter eggs? The shit hit the fan after that & the boycott started to kick in, hence the loss of the Tasmanian jobs.
    They now sell their products mostly at half price & they still can’t move them. Lindt’s have taken over where Cud-bury’s have left off.
    The uptake is BOYCOTT ALL Cud-bury products! There are Boycott Halal groups in Fascist Book & you can get a lot of info from them about what products are halal certified.
    Here’s a start:

    • As a New Zealander I am shocked at what’s happening to our country. Pure New Zealand 100% no more. ALL of New Zealand lamb is Halal. In the UK Cud-burys have been bought out by US food giant Kraft, the ‘American plastic cheese company.

      • What I also find shocking is that a lot of that crap happened under a Conservative government led by John Key. Maybe there is something in your water? or a lot of money under the table.
        Also Whittaker’s Chocolates are halal certified – except Rum & Raisin. When Cudbury went halal a lot of us moved to Whittaker’s because at the time they weren’t halal. Then sometime later they too became halal & they too got boycotted.

  7. I have gone out to mus slum sites on line and they tell you grocery chains and stores that are halal in your local area and throughout the country (and the world). Also you can find mus slum lists that will tell you which restaurants in your area are halal. Costco has some halal meats, hummus and I am not sure what else – I no longer purchase food from costco.

    We need to do that same campaign from Britain first, here!

  8. I once filled two trolleys with random products at my supermarket, then as the checkout chick priced them asked “Is that halal?”.
    She checked most, found about 80% were, then called a supervisor when I rejected them. Chaos ensued, the manager was called & I was accused of deliberately causing massive delay. To which I cheerfully concurred, which baffled them.
    Explaining I refused to pay a religious tax further confounded them. Asked to leave, I went back many times & repeated the process. Maybe, just maybe if EVERYONE did this, loss of business would bring these twats to their senses?

  9. I tried to educate myself by watching videos about this very topic BUT THEN I COULDN’T GET BACK ON YOUTUBE!!
    Just how far does this rabbit hole go?
    Is Islam already IN CHARGE of social media?
    How many countries are already selling halal meat and
    WHY are they trying to keep this hush hush??
    The more they try to CENSOR ME the louder I will shout it from the rooftops!!

  10. If you know something about black magic you will be shocked. There animal sacrifice is done to please the spirits. The spirits get their power through these sacrifices. The halal is a similar way of sacrifice. And those who eat the meat will be affected.

  11. Do you actually know what Halal is? It is animal sacrificed in the name of diety Allah. And this diety seems to be malevolent.

  12. If we had always respected our own values, there would be no Islam problem in the West. Those who manipulated our natural compassion to ”accomodate” values incompatible with our own knew exactly what they were doing…

  13. Hallal HELL, EVERYTHING about izslime stinks to highest heaven. ALL izslime should be ERADICATED. Hllal is the WORST form of animal abuse on the planet. Izslime treats women the WORST of ALL societies, izslime is the vilest “religion” imaginable, izslime is the most cruel, brutal evil totalitarian form of governance ever contrived by satan, izslime was brought to the world through the worst possible somewhat human who ever lived……

  14. The UK, Canada and Europe have gone stark raving mad. Jewish people have kosher. Why don’t they ever say their product is kosher? Why don’t they make halal to be sold only in stores owned by, and frequented by, Muslims and let other people who don’t want to deal with it do so?

    • Because that would not be invasive and pushy enough Go. The freaking DAMNED. Muzslime and their freaking DAMNED socio/commie handlers are determined to push the nasty muzslime on us ANY and EVERYWAY they can. We have to find ways to push back or we will soon have to HIT back. They are ALL truly DEMONIC Evil creatures.

      • Stop whining, Don.
        DO SOMETHING!!
        print out stickers- put them on store windows and display cabinets, shelves, anywhere.


  15. Brilliant. SJW’s and those who are on the Left, MAY be animal lovers. And by pointing out this barbaric practice by Muslims, may open the door to them saying to themselves “You know, the Right is correct about this part of Islam that I never knew. maybe they are right about other stuff, as well?” Since the Right is in to ‘feelings’, then hit them THERE, Animal LOVE in the West -vs- Animal HATE in Islam is REAL. It might make the Right lower their defenses, and actually listen. Animal lovers have a soft and tender spot in their heart. Let’s target it.
    Maybe we could, now, use a Penguin as the ‘mascot’?

  16. I have an android app that tells me which food item in all stores in my town is halal so I can choose a non-halal food item. The app even has halal food items on it that doesn’t have any seal or halal markings. Aldi’s has about 60%-80% halal food items so I don’t shop there anymore.

  17. I wish I could get my hands on some of these stickers, here in rural Canada there suddenly is a large selection of halal crap, this is some push coming from somewhere, I’m vegan and it’s almost impossible to find interesting things to eat in cattle country.. I heard there was some demands made by muslims for this display of their presence. Are they trying to get us used to their infiltration. BTW, the town that has these products has no muslim citizens. Interesting.

    • Islamic infiltration operates on the drip system. In psychology there’s a name for this but I forgot. It’s where you introduce big changes by making a bunch of little ones first, spacing each change far enough so that people would barely notice.

      It’s like when Macy’s bought out Bon Marche in Washington state. But instead of just changing the name to “Macy’s” right away, the signage went from: Bon Marche –> Bon Marche Macy’s –> Bon Macy’s –> Macy’s over a period of a year or so.

      You can apply this analogy to how muslims take over and control stores, towns, non-muslim wives, etc.

      So that’s the basic model. It’s purposefully subliminal. Unless you know islam.

  18. Was glad to post this video to my blog as well as paste it on at least 15 facebook pages. Word is getting out about these savages. If the media covered whats going on in Europe, more would be against allowing these savages here. I have a suggestion for the next senator or house member who hears calls for banning the ban. I’d tell the folks that ok we will make sure that a large number of these savages are put in their communities.

  19. I wont buy there products. You can go to there facebook and let them know. Pretty soon many items will have this and no surprise you don’t the left animal rights saying anything.