Designated terrorist group CAIR demands FBI investigation of anti-Muslim statements made at a private meeting of conservatives to which CAIR was not invited

The meeting, attended by about 20 people at a seafood restaurant in North Carolina, included a focus on the alleged “Muslim Brotherhood plot to conquer the United States,” according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) thought police. This allegation (NOT an”allegation,” a fact – see below) apparently incited violent ideas by some participants. (“ideas” are also protected by the First Amendment)

And how did CAIR hear these comments? Were they secretly recording the meeting? If not, it is their word against the people at the meeting. And everything that was said there is protected by the First Amendment. 

Winston Salem Journal  The moderator at the meeting said people should be more concerned about Muslims who appear to be integrated into American society than other outwardly extremist groups, like ISIS, according to Triad City Beat, which reported on the meeting, saying it took place at Captain Tom’s Seafood.

Shouldn’t we demand an FBI investigation of this woman who appears to be a threat?

A speaker at the meeting asserted that Muslim people had infiltrated high positions of influence, often behind the scenes, in government, academia, medicine, the media and the judiciary, according to the Triad City Beat’s account of the meeting. (They have)

According to CAIR, one participant said, “My only recommendation is to start killing the hell out of them.” “I’m ready to start taking people out. Shed some blood, too.”

In reference to the comment of Muslim masterminds infiltrating the country, Khalid Griggs, imam of the Community Mosque of Winston-Salem, posted on Facebook: “It must be emotionally painful to be that paranoid about a non-existent, made up threat. I shudder at the thought of my grandchildren potentially growing up in a hate-filled, xenophobic environment in 21st century America.” (Then your grandchildren must be living in Dearbornistan)

Anti-Muslim groups have nearly tripled in the U.S. since 2015, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center study. (Good!)