OH, HERE WE GO…Yet another anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’ gone wrong

Guess who was arrested for painting ‘swastikas’ and ‘F*ck Arabs’ on the garage door of a Lebanese Muslim family before designated terrorist group CAIR could swoop in and get all the TV News stations to cover them demanding the FBI investigate it as an anti-Muslim hate crime?

Yep, you guessed it, it was a Muslim by the name of Osama Nazzal.

WHIG  (h/t Grant B) Police have charged an Ohio Muslim man with criminal damaging in the spray-painting of a swastika and message cursing Arabs on a Lebanese family’s garage door in suburban Toledo. Deputy Chief Jim Rettig said detectives acted on a tip that led them to the suspect.

The Blade newspaper of Toledo reported that resident Souheir Eltatawy said she has felt afraid since the vandalism occurred; she declined further comment Wednesday. (She was so hoping to say it was done by an “Islamophobe”) Photo below is the garage door painted over to cover the grafitti.

Sylvania Township police say 28-year-old Osama Nazzal, of Toledo, has a March 1 court appearance to face the second-degree misdemeanor count. Police say he told them the message wasn’t a matter of ethnic intimidation, but they declined to discuss his possible motive. (Just ask CAIR)