Would Leftist Jews in America during WWII have sued the U.S. Government for keeping Nazis out of America?

No, you say? Then why are leftist Jews in 2017 suing the U.S. Government for trying to keep out ‘refugees’ who are commanded by their holy books to kill every last Jew on earth? Thankfully, this is the ONLY Jewish organization involved in the government-funded Refugee Resettlement program for America’s enemies.

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RRW  Government-funded refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is one of the groups suing Trump Admininstration for its Muslim immigrant ban from certain countries.

Today there is a sob story about how some of the refugees expected to be resettled in Delaware by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) might not be coming. Longtime readers know that Delaware has only received a handful of refugees over the years.

But, near the end of the Delaware news we see that the HIAS is a plaintiff in at least one of the lawsuits against the Trump Administration and I thought it might be a good idea to show you their complaints which seem to center around the idea that they were promised so many refugees (paying clients) this fiscal year and now they might not get them.

Can you sue the federal government to get grants you were hoping for?

Below is a screenshot from the lawsuit which hopefully will be thrown out of court.

Daniel Greenfield sheds some light on this organization: PRO-HAMAS ACTIVIST HEADS UP HIAS MUSLIM REFUGEE CAMPAIGN.

Frontpage  HIAS, an organization which no longer has any reason for existing, has emerged as the epicenter of a push to swamp the United States with Muslim terror migrants, a crime which would result in the same attacks on women as in Germany and the same attacks on Jewish synagogues as in France. HIAS, which has cut off its Jewish identity, has allied with anti-Israel groups such as J Street to push its agenda.

At the center of the HIAS campaign is a woman with a very ugly history, Jennie Rosenn (below).

Jennie Rosenn came out of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, a toxic incubator for anti-Jewish activists with links to the Soros Empire. Then, when the Muslim migrant crisis turned into the next big thing, she showed up as the Vice President for Community Organization at the post-Jewish HIAS.

Rosenn is also part of the Rabbinic Cabinet on George Soros-funded J (Judenrat)Street and is listed as one of the partners of T’ruah, the anti-Israel organization currently harassing Jewish charities for providing aid to Jews in ’67 Israel. But Jennie Rosenn’s past is even uglier than that.

Ms. Rosenn was one of the signatories to a letter calling for a “cautious approach” and “engagement” with Hamas. The letter was a disgraceful low point for the anti-Israel lobby that Rosenn is a part of. It would have maintained funding to a Hamas government.

 This petition is BTvS’s response to the Ros-Lehtinen/Lantos Bill, HR4681, which would denyU.S. funds to the PA unless Hamas relents on its commitment to the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people.

The letter was put out by Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, a radical anti-Israel group, whose founder has called for the destruction of Israel.

Jennie Rosenn also signed on to a letter in support of the deal which, even Obama admitted, will give Iran near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb.

The insistence on bringing a violent anti-Semitic population to the United States endangers Jews, not to mention all non-Muslims, including actual Christian and gay refugees from the Middle East who have come under attack in Germany. But Jennie Rosenn does not care about them, just as she does not care about Jews.

While Jennie Rosenn claims to be a Jewish clergyperson, she has made it clear that Judaism is a means to promote left-wing politics.

There is of course nothing Jewish about that ideology. Instead the progressive agenda is redefined as Jewish through marketing, brand labels and association. Rosenn’s latest campaign for HIAS shows once again that the left veers between actively hating and seeking to harm Jews… to simply ignoring Jewish interests and security.