Parents ignored and ridiculed for speaking out against New Jersey Middle School that is proselytizing for Islam in the classroom

Chatham Middle School in New Jersey has no problem teaching 7th grade students that “Allah is the creator of everything, the ‘only’ true God” as well as the tenets of Islam, using videos to explain the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslim prayer rituals and revisionist history, while forbidding any mention of the Bible in class.

Daily Wire  One of them, Nancy Gayer, voiced displeasure that her son’s fourth grade PowerPoint presentation from years ago was shut down because it briefly cited a line from the Bible in advertising for his efforts to gather gloves and hats for poor children.

The line was “Caring for the poor is lending to the Lord, and you will be well repaid.” Gayer said that the teacher told her son that it “belongs in Sunday school, not in the classroom.”

Gayer then took the matter to the school district, but the superintendent told her that the teacher’s actions were correct due to the district’s policy of prohibiting “proselytizing” in the classroom. However, the students in a 7th Grade Social Studies class were shown a 20-page Powerpoint presentation and several videos about Islam (below) — but were not taught about any other religion.

Another mother, Libby Hilsenrath, echoed Gayers’ sentiments, pointing out that the seventh grade class went into detail about the various aspects of Islam, but did not teach Judaism and Christianity. 

She also brought forth further course material that could be seen as proselytizing for Islam, which included a video providing an introduction to Islam that quoted excerpts from the quran.

However, the superintendent, Michael LaSusa, refused to eliminate the course because “it is part of the New Jersey curriculum core content standards to teach students about the various religions of the world.” He also refused to meet with Gayers and Hilsenrath. Both have since been smeared as “Islamophobic” by various people in the area.

“We were labeled as bigots immediately following the Board of Ed meeting in an op-ed,” and then all over Facebook with people who knew us or didn’t know us. Xenophobic, Islamophobe, I mean it went as far as the KKK, which I don’t know what that has to do with this.”

Below videos go into great detail about Islam using cartoon figures.

“Unfortunately I was stared down at a grocery store too,” Gayers added, “and I believe I was in the express line with just 10 items but yet I was still stared down. It was pretty unnerving.”

The op-ed that Hilsenrath referenced was a letter to the editor on Tap Into Chatham by resident Susan O’Brien, who called Gayers and Hilsenrath’s concerns as  “at worst veiled bigotry and at best sad and ignorant.”

“I believe that ignorance breads fear and fear breeds hatred; the more we understand about other cultures and religions the better we are equipped to deal with the issues we face in today’s world,” O’Brien wrote.

O’Brien did not attend the Board of Education meeting and nowhere in her letter did she address the glaring inconsistency of the district’s religion in the classroom policy.

Tucker Carlson (below) interviewed the two mothers. Too bad he doesn’t mention that proselytizing for Islam in public schools is part of Common Core, funded by the nation of Qatar.

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TO PARENTS reading this, find out if your children are being indoctrinated with Islam in their primary/middle schools and do something about it. School boards have been forced (by parents) to get rid of history books and courses that promote  Islam with barely a mention of other religions.