PARIS: Shouting “Dirty Jewish (expletive) you will die,” Muslim thugs beat up two Orthodox Jewish brothers

Two young kippah-wearing  brothers were violently beaten by a gang of Middle Eastern (Muslim) looking men in Paris. One of the youths  had his finger sawed off by one of the assailants in an obvious anti-Semitic attack which was preceded with shouts of “Dirty Jewish (expletive) you will die!”

OnlySimchasNews (h/t Maurice) The BNVCA ( Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism )  reports  that the two young men are sons of one of the community leader in the town of Bondy in Paris.

The two young Jews were riding in their vehicle on the RN3 street when they were spotted and approached by two occupants of a pick-up truck, who initially cut them off and tried to swerve them off the road.

The aggressors insulted them, shouting “Dirty Jewish (expletive) you will die!”  The victims reported they were forced off the road near a Hooka bar and were violently kicked and punched. The assailants also warned them “If you move we will  kill you!” according to the BNVCA report.

Hamas encourages Muslims to attack and kill Jews as a screenshot (below) from one of their “training” videos shows:

One of the assailants was armed with a saw-knife which he used to cut a finger off from the hand of one of the young victims.

The assailants then fled and the victims managed to drive to the hospital where they were described to be in  shock and wounded. The police came to the hospital where they interviewed the young Jews and they took their complaint.

The police are looking for the anti-Jewish aggressors, who are thought to be a father and son team of Middle-Eastern descent.