“ARE YOU A MUSLIM?” Nice to know the TSA is doing its job again…no matter what the far left appeals courts have to say

Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained for 2 hours at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport … and he’s ready to sue because he thinks it’s because he’s Muslim.

TMZ  Ali Jr.’s spokesman, Chris Mancini, tells TMZ … his client was returning from Jamaica with his mother, Khalilah Ali — Ali’s first wife — on February 7 when immigration officers stopped them. She got through, but he was taken to a small room for 2 hours and questioned.

Mancini says Ali’s 44-year-old son was asked twice if he’s Muslim, and also where he got his name. He was traveling on a U.S. Passport.

Ali Jr. is looking into suing the U.S. Treasury and Homeland Security over the incident. Mancini believes it hints at a larger issue of profiling and discrimination. He’s interested in filing the lawsuit as a class action.

Worth noting … Feb. 7 was 4 days after a federal judge put the kibosh on President Trump’s immigration ban. U.S. Customs and Border Protections told us it can’t comment on individual travelers, but “all international travelers arriving in the U.S. are subject to CBP inspection.”