Oh, BOO HOO…’Caliphornia’ elected official under fire for posting ‘hurtful’ truth tweets about Muslims

A local elected official is accused of being hurtful and hateful towards Muslims in a series of tweets. Hector Gastelum, elected to the board of directors at the Otay Water District, posted tweets such as “Let’s pressure our legislators to prevent #subhuman #scum from #USA  to #MAGA” (Make America Great Again).

10 News  “It’s never my intention to be hurtful but nowadays sometimes people are hypersensitive,” Gastelum told 10News. Another tweet reads “This is how the left learns #Muslim #Islam #Sharia aren’t compatible with any form of #civilsociety #equality.”

“Of course it hurts. His comments were very, extremely offending,” said Taha Hassane, Imam of the Islamic Center of San Diego. “Portraying Muslims as sub-humans, rapists, who don’t have any problems stoning women, and all, you know this is nonsense, this is nonsense,” Hassane said. (So I guess that means the quran is nonsense, too?)