COVER-UP? Heidelberg police charge “German” man with murder in vehicular jihad-like attack on pedestrians…won’t reveal name, motive, but deny terrorism link

The man who drove a car into pedestrians in Heidelberg, killing one and injuring two, is to be kept in custody, accused of murder and attempted murder. Police release more details, saying he is a 35-year old student without a migrant background which doesn’t prove he isn’t Muslim. They won’t reveal his name, ethnicity, or religion. WHY NOT?

Allegedly, the first photo of the driver. Could be a Muslim. 

ORIGINAL REPORT: germany-knife-wielding-muslim(?)-man-deliberately-ploughs-his-car-into-pedestrians-in-heidelberg

MalaysianDigest  The man who drove his rental car into a pedestrian zone in Heidelberg in southwestern Germany,will not be released from police custody anytime soon. On Sunday, an arrest warrant was issued against the 35-year-old German, charging him with one case of murder and three cases of attempted murder.  The driver bolted from the car, wielding a knife. He was soon cornered by police, shot in the stomach and taken into custody.

A 73-year old man suffered fatal injuries when the vehicle was driven into a group of people early on Saturday evening. Two other people were slightly injured: a 32-year-old Austrian and a 29-year-old Bosnian. A fourth person was able to jump out of the car’s way. He was not injured, police said on Sunday.

The local police released a report with more information on Sunday afternoon on Twitter, along with the caption “#State prosecution obtains #arrest warrant, motive still unclear.”

According to the press release, the 35-year-old man is a university student who lived in Heidelberg and has no criminal record. He had rented the vehicle used in the attack two weeks previously.

The knife the man was carrying when he fled the scene was a standard kitchen knife. He reportedly did not comply with the officers’ requests to put down the knife when police caught up with him a few hundred meters from the crashed car. According to the police statement, a policeman fired his gun after the suspect ignored repeated calls to put down the knife and began charging at the officers who had unsuccessfully tried to stop him with pepper spray.

After receiving emergency surgery, the man is recovering in hospital. He was questioned by police but made no comment on the charges against him. He is currently under surveillance until he can be transferred to a prison hospital.

Police are still investigating the individual’s motives. “At this point in the investigation there are no indications of a terrorist or extremist background to the case,” the officials said.

POLICE seem more concerned with “trolls” trying to confirm whether or not he is a Muslim. By saying he is a “German citizen with no migrant background” DOES NOT prove he is not a Muslim. 

As the perpetrator underwent an emergency operation and police worked to establish his identity, the trolls were already on the case.  “According to friends at the police, the shot perpetrator from Heidelberg is a so-called #refugee,” tweeted one. Local police shot back on Twitter immediately: “Nope, he’s not.”

Another Twitter troll called “ludwig felsenkiefer” demanded to know about the perpetrator’s appearance, writing: “Tell the full truth or shut your mouth.” To which the police replied: “Forgotten your childhood manners or never had any?”

Police have announced plans to examine all tweets from the evening, with a view toward pressing charges against the problematic posters.