Islamic State (ISIS) terror handbook reveals jihadis being taught to eat their enemies

A handbook from the terrorist group’s training school has been found by a British counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam, revealing the horrifying new stance of the jihadis.

Daily Star  A secret handbook has been discovered by British-based think-tank Quilliam Foundation in ISIS training schools. Quilliam Foundation and its chief executive Haras Rafiq revealed cannibalism was on the curriculum.

Inside the pamphlet, pages show how ISIS scholars have developed a religious argument justifying cannibalism – if supplies are low during jihad or religious war. Quilliam chief executive Haras Rafiq said: “We have found the curriculum that Islamic State use to indoctrinate fighters and the indigenous population in areas under their control.

“They are trying to use a theological based argument to say that cannibalism can be carried out when there is no food during a time of jihad. “They say that if there are no supplies, it is OK to kill another non-Muslim or a Muslim who doesn’t follow their version of Islam.” 

They even give advice on the parts to eat and how to prepare the flesh. “These views on cannibalism are not mainstream but they are gaining traction.

“It’s new to see them advocate cannibalism. They are using Salafism – a fundamentalist theology and political Islamism to justify their views.” It comes as a bungling ISIS bomb expert –  – blew himself up and four other jihadis by mistake.

A desperate mother has reportedly been fed the mutilated remains of her own son after ISIS told her it was cooked meat and rice. The horrifying incident happened after the mother visited ISIS’ HQ in Mosul, Iraq.

Below is a photo of Palestinians eating the body parts of dead Israeli soldiers:


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    • What you need to be asking if who taught them this? It goes back at least to the 1970s when certain countries of military might decided to go into those mountains and find out how to survive in them for the coming, yes coming, wars. They harnassed native energy and put them through paces these people never wanted to see. The fittest survived and lived on to tell a very strange tale.

  1. You got to be KIDDING ME??? This is extremely BARBARIC and why we got rid of Indians. Muslims take note.

  2. The religion of peace as Bush 43 believes. Along with NWO types and the pontiff of Rome who wants to bring more of it to the West. Not to mention that ex Stasi whore that runs whats left of Germany. They all better repent fast as the gates of Hell are wide open for them.

  3. So they are the only cannibals on Earth who don’t know that you take on some of the characteristics of the dead when you eat them?

    Stupid people…

  4. The Muslim people in the above photo HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER and should be put down like an animal with rabies. SICK BASTARDS.

    • “The Muslim people in the above photo HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER”
      SB I agree but I for one believe in good and evil, and I believe there is a source for good, GOD, and a source for evil SATAN, I totally believe that these creatures can only devolve into absolute demons of HELL. To me they are clearly DEMONIZED, almost beyond any HUMAN recognition.

      • They look demonic… is an evil spirit manifesting in them. Its not the body parts that bother me as much as the people in above photos; their faces…..I feel a strong check in my spirit as they are of satan.
        I belive our time here is growing very short. The Season is here…..may the Lord have mercy on His people and may people get right with the Lord.

    • these people are in the U.S. as we write, and they are waiting to get there marching orders from the previous islamic sodomite president to begin the killing, and when they do, they will all get bullets in there heads and then there disgusting bodies will be burned. but before we kill them we want them to eat every democrat politician who brought them here as well as McCain and Graham.

      • It’s interesting to me Bill that for years I have said and written, even put it in my book, that “izslime would eat socio/commieism for lunch”… if it ever came down to just the two vile entities, because pure “religious” fanaticism is the most dedicated deadly thing on the earth. When one “kills you thinking they are doing GOD a favor” (Jn. 16:2), that is powerful motivation. I really never gave any thought to them ACTUALLY……..

  5. BNI, Have yoU verified this?
    I can accept that they would rule anything for survival of their “army of g_d”. that’s basic serious survival training like the airline crash of many years ago.

    howEVer – that last, grainy, picture screams “FAKE” because they (and jews) would not eat raw blood. It’s in the books. They’re just f’n with our still-attached heads. Striking Terror like a good mohammadan.

    • The last picture is enlarged which is why it is grainy. This is an authentic photo (from a few years ago) of Palestinians eating Israeli soldier body parts. You can verify it in several places online. The first photo is also authentic of an ISIS jihadi eating a heart.

    • When, at the battle of Uhud, the helmet-rings had been taken out of the Prophet’s cheek, blood flowed from the radiant face of that Lord of the pure, and my father Malik Ibn Sinan sucked the wounds with his mouth, swallowing the blood. When they said to my father, “Malik, is blood to be drunk?” my father replied, “Yes, the blood of the Prophet of God I drink like a beverage.” At that time his Excellency, the Prophet, said, “Whoever wishes to see one who has mixed my blood with his own, let him look at Malik Ibn Sinan: any one whose blood touches mine, him the fire of hell shall not desire.”

      • Guys, I stand corrected. I’ve followed the link you provided, plus many spinoffs, and I accept the accuracy of this horrifying reality. I wish we could educate our snowflakes. I’ll never view a michigan winter storm the same again ! May God help Donald get the true nature of the threat exposed and also may God unharden the hearts of the Trump-haters so we can get on with the business of healing America.

  6. SO THEY DO EAT PORK THEN – Because you can bet most of those killed have eaten a Bacon Sandwich in their time !

  7. Hopefully, they will get Kuru Disease, seen in cannibals in New Guinea and now appearing in Syria. It’s similar to mad cow disease.

  8. Excellent I hope they all eat each other and catch kuru. This is old news though as some of them have already had kuru (disease linked to cannibalism). The lefties civilised special people

  9. Will they eat someone …. who reeks of pork sausage and bacon …. like I’m prone to be …. I’ve seen ISIS soldiers nibbling at hearts ….. I’ve seen world traveler Anthony Boudain eat a dandruff flake size piece of Balut …. I’m still waiting to see someone eat a heart or a head …. the heart could be ground up into burgers, I guess …. the head could be used for soup stock ?

  10. If someone invented Islam today, they would be locked up. Just goes to show you what 1400 years of inbreeding does to the brain.

    • LOL so true. This filthy cult breaches human rights and is the biggest spreader of hate crimes yet the west and the Pope are pandering to these criminally insane cannibals

  11. Beastiality, pedophilia (as early as newborn), incest, cannibalism, necrophilia, using their hand to pick out their feces and not washing afterwards, using camel urine as a shower – just where does the sickness called is – crap end? mus wipes are born and bred to be sick monsters. They ALL belong in a big trash can blasted up to outer space – along with all the pedophiles and satanists (cannibals, pedophiles) of this world including cankles and pedesta (skippy).

  12. Mohammad, Islam’s founder and Barbaric Mass Murderer of non-Muslim innocents: I HAVE BEEN MADE VICTORIOUS WITH TERROR

    They are no longer human — Demons clothed in human flesh.

    They OPPOSE and HATE the Bible’s Ten Commandments and other important Laws that our Glorious Creator gave to His faithful Jewish servant, Moses. Laws that our Western civilisation are based on.


    • Google “666 Allah”
      The Greek symbols for 666, the mark of satan are uncannily similar to “Bismillah” meaning “in the name of Allah.”

      • Shazza, WOW! I just did that after reading your comment. That would be great to put on a sign at a counter protest in an anti-Trump protest! I saved the image onto my phone so I can show EVERYONE!

      • Shazza, upon further investigation, 666 is the number of a man according to Revelation. Allah is not a man nor even something that exists. So I am a little disappointed in finding this out but it was a good attempt anyway.

        • Frey
          The Number 666 is the Number of the Chip that is installed in a human. It just so happens to be the Anti-Christ. The Number of the name is not the identifier of the number but in the bar Code within the chip..


        • Turks are already ascribing terms of godhood, aka Allah to Erdogan. The number of a man indeed! Their fake Allah is revealed in a man.

  13. DEVIL WORSHIP. Blood human sacrifices are Forbidden by God in the Bible.

    “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” – Hamas music video

  14. . I don’t dispute this information. Anything is possible in this day and age. But are you going to try and convince me that these people would resort to cannibalism, but refuse to eat pork? So if they had a pig and another human side by side, they’d eat the human, providing, if another muslim, they did not practice the same branch of islam? Bullshit! I’ve heard, even seen, a lot of fucked up shit in my life, but this ranks up there amongst the most improbable things I have ever heard. It does make for good propoganda though.

    • Then, you just dont know about is-crap! Cannibalism is the ultimate revenge on the enemy, not just for food. Read up on this site, for a week or so, and you will get a better idea of what mus wipes are really capable of. Also, Brigitte Gabriel gives some good history in her Youtube videos. You have a lot to learn about mus slums.

    • You have no understanding…They would avoid the pig. Because to them, the pig is disgustingly filthy. You have to try understand the totally controlled feeble mind. Moslems will not do one thing forbidden. Ever. They watched a whole school of girls in Saudi Arabia burn to death as its forbidden for men to go near them, even though some parents were screaming for them to save them. This has happened a few times, situations where females could not be rescued. You MUST realise they do not think like us at all. They don’t think. They aren’t allowed. Religion rules 95% of their lives..It’s well known that cannibalism is allowed in certain situations in several Islamic texts. The one above is accurate..These scum are very primitive barbarians. Like many primitive tribes were at times cannibals. Parts of Africa, South Sea Islanders and so on. Do some research. It is unfortunately true. They would never eat a pig. For ANY reason. They would starve instead.

    • AR: It’s true. Pork is forbidden, but Allah (Satan) never forbade the consumption of human meat. So as the inbred Muslums rationalize, in specific cases, cannabalism is accepted.

  15. This is so sick ! Some one should place a cut up pig on their trail with a note in Arab, words ‘this is an infidel, I ate too much help your self”

  16. seriously, they should outlaw this evil cult, do what they’ve done to Aum Shinrikyo, anything!
    How come??? Some crazy cult commits a single horrendous act (collective suicide, murder) and they are investigated/outlawed on spot, what are people waiting to do the same with this cult that has been murdering and causing suffer to the human race for centuries?

  17. There is only deeper and deeper madness ONCE they have taken the path to exclusively FOLLOW mo the MAD. They no longer have the vestages of humanity. “These as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of things they do not understand, should utterly perish in their own corruption.” Jude…. izslime is designed to drive its followers stark raving MAD!!!!!i that is one reason I say izslime would eat socio/commieism for lunch. It is the most depraved diabolical thing ever invented by Satan.

    • Many angels of God accompanied with women and begat sons that proved unjust and despisers of all that was good on the account of the confidence that they had in their own strength, for the tradition is that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians call giants.(Josephus Antiquities I, III).

      Lineage of Nephilim, Emim,Zamzummian and Rephaim: an abnormal race, hated and feared by normal men. The Lord commissioned Moses to wipe out the last of their race.(Deut. 2:10,11 20, 21).

      • Emma I am currently reading the book of Enoch. It talks much about the things you are saying here. Did you know it was almost included in the cannon that came down to us but was finally deleted in the late 1st century. Very interesting read.