Look at all the media coverage CAIR is getting for anti-Muslim ‘hate’ cartoon allegedly sent to a few mosques

Reminds me of the other FAKE anti-Muslim ‘hate’ letter (below) obviously penned by a Muslim, photocopied, and sent to several mosques around the country.

What the sharia-compliant leftist media won’t tell you about the phony anti-Muslim hate letter being sent to mosques all over America is that it’s an effort by Muslims to get pity for Muslims…and it seems to be working

Now, CAIR is promoting this silly cartoon of a pig crapping on a mosque which says “kill muslims,” and allegedly turning up at some mosques as reported by every news station in town.

As usual, the media is only too happy to buy into this crap sandwich, provided by designated terrorist group CAIR who plants ALL these stories (many of them proven fake) with the media. Muslims are determined to retain their position as the biggest victims in America, especially now that coverage of the more than 100 bomb threats and scores of hate graffiti incidents have been targeting Jewish institutions.