HOORAY! After brazenly speaking out for “illegal alien rights” at a news conference, illegal alien aka “Dreamer” likely will be deported without a hearing

ILLEGAL ALIEN, Daniela Vargas (below) from Argentina was arrested by ICE while she was speaking at a press conference on “illegal alien rights” in Mississippi last week. Since when do illegal aliens have “rights” here? They have broken the law. Now it’s time to start rounding up all the illegal alien Muslims and deporting them immediately, too.

TheSlot  Daniela Vargas, 22, came to the United States from Argentina with her family in 2001, when she was just seven, and first enrolled in DACA in 2012. (Is she actually a “she?” Kind of hard to tell. I wonder if “she” is going through costly gender reassignment paid for by legal American residents and citizens?)

Last month, she watched her father and brother be arrested and detained by ICE officials, and on Wednesday she told her story at a news conference in Jackson, Mississippi speaking out for immigrants rights. Today, according to her attorney, she is set for immediate deportation despite having lived in the States for the majority of her life.

Univision, Jezebel’s parent company, reports that Vargas was arrested yesterday after speaking at the news conference, and that it appears she was specifically followed and targeted by ICE, who pulled her over as she was leaving. “You know who we are and you know why we’re here,” they said, according to Jordan Sanders, Vargas’s friend who was in the vehicle at the time.

Vargas was then taken to an ICE detention center, where she remains. Her attorney, Abby Peterson, tells Huffington Post that she is being charged as overstaying her visa rather than qualifying under DACA, because she couldn’t afford the $495 it would take to renew her status in November.

Vargas’ attorney, said ICE agents told her on Thursday that they would instead pursue immediate deportation without a court hearing or bond because Vargas is being processed for overstaying after entering the U.S. through the visa waiver program, which at the time was open to citizens of Argentina. By using that program, her family waived some of their “rights,” Peterson said.