In Britain, if you’re a Muslim, you can deliberately run over a stranger with your car and only get a 14-year prison sentence

Vladislavs Loginus, the  victim who was intentionally run down by MUSLIM CAR JIHADIST, Zeeshan Babar, 23, was left fighting for his life after being thrown through the air and suffering a badly fractured skull which nearly killed him.

 UK Standard (h/t John H)  Babar drove at the 24-year-old with his black Ford Mondeo, then pulled a U-turn and tried to run over him again before speeding off into the distance.

Mr Loginus and his friends had moments earlier seen a man being flung out of Babar’s car as it took a corner at speed.  When they went to help and tried to flag down the Mondeo, Babar deliberately drove at Mr Loginus. Babar was later caught on CCTV buying petrol and matches which he used to torch the car, and reported the vehicle to police as stolen.

Babar admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered. Judge Stephen Kramer QC jailed him for 14 years. (For attempted murder? He’ll be out in 7)  “The victim suffered life-threatening injuries and was told by doctors that he was very lucky to have survived.