Another anti-Muslim ‘hate’ letter allegedly sent to a mosque in New Jersey just like the one sent earlier to a Brooklyn mosque

This is just the latest in a series of likely fake foreign anti-Muslim hate letters used by designated terrorist group CAIR to keep its non-stop Muslim pity party going via coverage from as many local TV news stations as possible.

CAIR-NJ reports that Masjid Al-Iman in Jersey City, N.J., received a threatening letter on Tuesday that was postmarked in Sheffield, UK. The letter stated:

“You and your filthy kind will be beheaded,” and featured a cartoon illustration signed by MUSLIM SLAYER. “I have a dirty little secret. I fantasize about killing non-whites. It really turns me on and I’m afraid you’re on my list,” reads the letter.

As always, CAIR is demanding an investigation from local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities. As always, these investigations NEVER identify the actual senders.

The letter is the same one mailed to a Brighton Beach, Brooklyn mosque this week. Funny how someone in the UK singles out particular mosques in America…when there are hundreds of mosques they could target in London.

Below are other recent anti-Muslim ‘hate’ letters, photocopies of which have been sent to several other mosques in America. 

The most recent ‘hate letters’ seem to have some thing in common: Stick figure cartoons and poor spelling and grammar…an indication that a Muslim was the sender. This latest letter differs from the earlier ones in that it calls for killing “non-whites,” which could be the latest Muslim ploy to engage a larger audience.


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