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  1. Oh, where is Charles Bronson when you need him?
    Wouldn’t this be a great movie Script?

    Scene One: Close Up shot – A group of Invaders mocking an old lady, holding her down and molesting her granddaughter as she screams, helplessly. Close UP shot: One of the invaders laughing as he unzips his pants. Enter Mr. Kersey with his trusted canon, some death stars and nunchucks… @#$%$^&%&*^***^&^&% Bam!! Whack!! Whooossssh!!!

    Any ideas for improving the script?

  2. Ya, it never ceases to amaze me how everybody’s a badass, til something worth fighting over actually happens.

    Given the spadina line at 8:30 was prob fairly full depending on direction and approx location on the line is a sad state of affairs.

    By 8:30 most of the construction types would’ve prob been don’t they’re commute by then, given alot start at 8. Which prob would’ve made a differnece.
    The 8:30× times are realistically the secretary, guy w briefcase, sort of pencil pusher type. Getting themselves to an office downtown for 9 am start time.
    No offense to them, but there not exactly the get up do shit kinda guys, spur of the moment.
    ( For the most part anyway)
    But anything is better than nothing. I’ve found in weird situations with multiple people doin weird stuff. Nobody wants to go first especially if they’re alone.
    Alot of times people will help as long as they’re second 3rd or 5th but nobody wants to be that first guy. Assuming this people around you are just scared of a 3 on 1 and not moral retards.

    Unlike the states we don’t have the luxury of hiding behind guns. We actually walk up and do it. And on a case of 3 on 2 hope to fuck one of the ass holes does the right thing.
    So it’s not Canadians are pussies alot of people think twice before actaully fighting 3 guys.

    What Canadians need to do is take an example front the rest for he world and take actaul action on a big scale. Our elections 3 years away we need to make it count. Not too mention ya I do believe Candians need to organize groups to protect themselves, because we’re just getting started.

  3. This is outrageous and gross, how come no one said anything!! Being a woman, it annoys and grosses me out. Muslims are gross perverts

    • Ana Lee, as a woman, and the mother of 3 grown women, I have taught them over the years to plan on defending yourself. With the Muslim men roaming around the western world, we must be prepared for such events. Make no mistake.. One of my daughters has a conceal carry, and knows how to shoot the devils dead, and will.
      As far as Canada goes, well, we have had to fight their wars for 100 years, and Canada is way to stupid to survive as a western civilized nation..Now with the Muslim hordes invading and they pet their pretty pony Trudeau, and concern themselves with hockey scores.

  4. People on different comment places are saying it is her fault for dressing as she did. I tell them that to muslims we are viewed as kaffirs. Lower than dogs. And it wouldn’t matter if she was wearing snow pants and a sweater she was an easy target. The cowardly moslems need to be in a group to do this. She should have screamed rape or fire. Or turned around and planted the palm of her hand right into the tip of this perverts nose. She is awakened now. I curse the people on that train who did nothing to help.

    (my apologies to four legged pigs who have Morals and Ethics. Muslim PIGS have NONE)

    We don’t want FILTH in our countries! Demons clothed in human flesh spewed forth from the Bowels of Hell! The SPAWN of SATAN! Deport ALL of them!

    On Judgment Day, Every leader that massively imported Muslims into Western countries will stand before the Just Judge, the HOLY ONE, and Tremble in Great Fear for their wicked crime!

    The RAPE ARMIES of WARLORD Mohammad have been Massively imported into our nations to Wage WAR on Non-Muslim girls. And are paid with welfare to do so!

    They are NOT refugees! They left their women behind in their countries to Make WAR on our women! Almost all the millions of Muslim invaders are males of military fighting age! DEPORT ALL OF THEM, You Evil, Disgusting Traitors!

    Islamic Invasion Of Sweden Has Led To Rape Crisis

    • True HI, it is more painful, as the skin is more sensitive.
      It is also difficult to aim accurately under such circumstances.
      It is also highly illegal to use for self-defense under Canadian law.
      It is also certain to affect everyone else riding on the subway car.
      Protect your fellow passengers, save the bear spray for the woods.
      God gave you hands and feet for a reason, learn to use them.

      • One little woman against three or more hulking muslims Yeah, right. Confined spaces are not good places for hand to hand combat. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.

        Most pressurized sprays are flammable. Trigger mechanisms are available on the web. With a can of inscect spray, a trigger/handle and a Bic, you have a handy dandy flame thrower. Once is enough!

  6. This is just the beginning. As more and more muzlums are let into this country the worse it will get..
    Anyone that voted for (shiny pony) Turdeau should hang their head in shame.

  7. I guess rape is now a Canadian Family Value.

    Perhaps we need to build a wall along the Canuk border, too.

  8. Why don’t they ejaculate on the Koran …. it’s full of porn …. Koran Lite sticky notes …. they could ejaculate in their Starbucks coffee …. Cafe Ejacu-LATTE ?

    • In my last year at the university, I lived off campus sharing a house with several AssWholes. One of them told stories about back home in Dearbornistan. He told about how boys working in fast food joints served up snot, hawk & cumbergers to unsuspecting diners. That was in the late ’60s.

      • What a digusting American Habit. I’m surprised anyone in America still goes to a fast food joint.

        And that there aren’t any laws against it.

        • Of cuss there are laws, but an inspector must see the offense or someone must grass the offender to bring about enforcement. My guess is that the offenders in that old case were Muslims.

          There are videos on the web showing guys pissing in coffee pots, dropping pizza dough on the floor and picking it up to resume where he left off.

          There are cases of Muslims in Britain sprinkling dried shit on baked goods.

  9. These leaders have a lot to answer for someday. But there is no excuse to just let someone be harassed or molested by animals that should not even be in the country to begin with. The westerners need to stand up for one another, or the sand fleas will win….

    • Sand fleas work by intimidation, out numbering and overpowering their victims. Resistance must organize. Men who regularly use bus, train and subway routes must organize chapters of Guaradian Angels, plan and coordinate their reactions so that if four sand fleas bite a soman, six or eight Guardian Angels will surround them, livestreaming the event to the local police FB page and recording it for use in court.

      This requirement applies equally on the North American Continent and Western Europe. ‘Let’s Roll ‘ must be our watch word. United we stand, divied we fall.

  10. The mainstream media are not only traitors to our country, in this case they are criminals for not publishing and warning against these Islamic barbarian attacks on the females.

  11. I once stepped in on situation where I thought the woman was being harassed. I’ll never do it again. It’s as dangerous as for a cop going to a domestic-violence call. You don’t know what the dynamic is with all the people involved. When I stepped into the situation they both turned on me. Luckily it didn’t turn violent but I got mocked for my chivalry. Never again!
    I have trouble feeling sympathy for this woman. She sounds like the type that would call people like those in the “La Meute” demonstrations this weekend, islamophobic racist zenophobes. She definitely sounds like the type who would fawn over trudeau and take a selfie with him. Did she report it? Doesn’t seem like it. So that means she’s okay with another woman being violated and being the one forced to report these guys.

    • Carl you are a pussy a big pussy too that’s why you get involved so they go after you instead of helpless ladies
      Stand your ground like a man
      I know any decent American would fight them coward muzzies all day long

      • Yeah, but Buko…in Carl Canada’s case
        the crux of this problem is that both the perpetrator AND the victim turned on him…that ain’t worth it…so essentially, there was more to the conflict than was apparent in the visual altercation, methinks…{?}

        The following anecdote is my personal slant on issues involving women dealing with unwanted masculine attention: it’s not exactly the same scenario, but the rule would still apply, IMNSHO.
        If I was out with a woman, or even if a woman I didn’t know came up to me and she had a situation where some asswipe started to hit on her…and she immediately asked me to intervene…I would ask her;
        1. did you tell the dink to cease and desist, and if so, is he continuing to hassle you?
        2. if he still continues his antics, then I would tell him, in no uncertain terms, that his actions are not welcome and that the lady has asked me to please make you stop your harassment…and if you persist, then we’ll have to take it up another notch…
        But I always insisted that the woman do the first communication to the person, to let him know that his actions were not wanted…after that, if necessary, it would be my turn…
        This example is dicey, and not 100% because one has to be cautious about being set-up…but assuming that isn’t what’s happening…let’s say it’s a legitimate problem for the woman.

        The events on this subway are not fully disclosed, so it’s hard to say for certain how it transpired…but if it was up to me, I’d have attempted to BEAT and BLUDGEON the livin’ fuck outta the bastard, and called on every other able bodied man to help any way they could…simply because it was a moslem…and take the heat later, if necessary…
        Any reason would do…

    • I’m so tired of these “you asked for it, you deserve it” comments. I’m an American. I don’t want these Muslims here because I understand the dangers of Islam, but there has been nothing I have been able to do stop them from coming. Obama wanted them here, so now they are here. If I as a woman was attacked, I know there would be all kinds of comments about how I’m probably one of those feminists and therefore deserve it. How do I know this? Because every time I hear about one of these attacks, there is always someone saying enjoy the cultural enrichment and I don’t feel sorry for you.
      I have seen many videos from both men and women from countries like the U.K., Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and they don’t want these invaders either and are just as helpless to stop the invasion as we have been. All western countries are under attack. We need each other. We need to stop blaming each other. No more “you asked for it” comments.
      As for the left, my uncle has hurt me badly. He wants the refugees here. He is a liberal, has never studied Islam, and refuses to do so because he is convinced the Muslims are being persecuted and if he studies the truth, he will be a racist. It is sad and his belief system is putting me in danger. Unfortunately, it is also putting him in danger. He will suffer like the rest of us, if he doesn’t wake up soon. How am I supposed to make him wake up? Am I supposed to hate him now? I love him. I don’t want to see him suffer.
      How do we help the left to wake up? We are going to lose the war against Islam if we don’t band together. Those of us who are awake should be each other’s allies regardless of what country we are from.

  12. It’s too bad I wasn’t on that subway because I would not have stood by and done nothing.
    What is too bad is all the males on the subway who did nothing. People are too worried about saving their own skin to stand up for what is right and true.
    If you think I am speaking out my ass, tell that to the woman and her baby I saved from a pyscho on the toronto subway many years ago. Tell that to the store owner whom I came to his assistance while he was being stabbed.
    People you must stand when it is called for and yes you have to risk injury to self to save those who cannot. Even if you die you stood for what was right and just. There is no better way to end ones life than jumping on a grenade to save those, even strangers, around you.

    • Satan’s sin is pride. Muslims are proud to do evil. Satan is allah. That’s why islam attacks Jews and Christians.
      Hitler’s book is top selling book in islamic countries. Only evil koran sells more

  13. Just like countries in Europe who have allowed the rape of the women with little or nothing being done to stop the sexual assault epidemic, and if the muslim attackers are caught and prosecuted they are never deported but given a slap on the wrist, it seems its fashionable to protest against Trump but at least he is sticking up for his people.

  14. A question for our Canadian friends up north. Had a man on the train seen this and proceeded to stomp the everliving shit out of these moslem sexual assailants, would he stand chance of being prosecuted? Is that why there was no action by the other train occupants?

    I live in Texas and I won’t pretend it’s the best place to live, but there would be little chance of prosecution I think, in the same situation, if bystanders beat these assholes into unconsciousness. Heck, if said female had a carry permit and ventilated the scum I doubt she would be prosecuted either.

  15. Makes me want to bash the muslima’s head on the floor many times! He’s lucky I wasn’t there to see this! This acts fuel more and more hatred I have against muslim savages! I’m not afraid to say this. I hate all muslims!

  16. In the Old Testament Genesis 16:12 the narrator refers to the ancestor of the Arabs, Ishmael.

    “He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him”

    There must be some basis in fact for this 3,200 year old tale, as this is exactly the modern relationship of Arabs to the rest of the world up to the present day.

    To make matters worse the Arab mentality is incorporated into the Muslim religion and has been spread far and wide.

    No other Philosophy/Religion has EVER lived in peace with the Islam/Arab mentality. Canad’s Elite are arrogantly betting on their ability to civilize barbarians.

    Non of the above applies to Christian and other non Muslim Arabs

    The only way to live safely amongst Muslims…………Is DO NOT live amongst Muslims

    • You have no proof that’s about Muhammad and his followers it could have been about Ishmael or anyone else. Do you want me to quote you the verses that foretell of Muhammad and his great religion I’ve got literally like a hundred. Will That Shut you up?

      • Yer Profit is in the Bible as a false prophet, nothing else. Yer AssWhole is in the Bible as the ‘deceiver’. In yer Unholy Koranus, that is al-Makir, mistranslated as plotter.

      • This post is about a young woman being sexually assaulted by one of your sick religion and all you can comment on is that?

      • Christ warned us of Muhammed; he warned us of the false prophet, your false prophet. It is in The Holy Bible.
        The Bible also refers to Satan as the great deceiver while Qur’an calls Allah the greatest deceiver. So, Allah is Satan. Ergo, your religion is the worship of Satan.
        Good luck with the father of lies, Muhammad – piss be upon him and Allah/Satan. I choose Christ.

    • Yip interesting that and very little mentioned about it over the years, no doubt not a word will ever be mentioned by the anti Christ Pope

  17. I suspect there will be video of these Muslims from the bus or from around the locations where they got on and off the bus – the young woman should go to the police and to the press. But don’t tell them that it was Muslims otherwise they won’t investigate.

    Also these scumbags probably catch the same bus all the time and will probably be on the same bus. There is no excuse for the police to not investigate this

  18. Wait a minute! I thought we were not only suppose to ignore this type of behavior with respect to the Islamites, but actually embrace and I courage it. All the indicators I have seen from both Canada and the United States in the Western Hemisphere, as well as the more ideologically progressive countries of Western Europe, suggest that in an effort to further the cause of brotherhood and acceptance towards those of that peace loving of all faiths, Islam, we should encourage our Muslim brethren to act out any type of perversion they claim is mandated in their holiest of tomes, the Quran.
    Have I been misled? Are there actually people in these areas that disagree with our most learned leaders, like Obama and Trudeau? I wish somebody would make a decision concerning this, the uncertainty and vacillation are beginning to annoy me, and I might be forced to just pumping rounds into a crowd just out of frustration.

    • Yes, O’ “men” of Canada. Divert thy club from the head of the defenseless Harp Seal pup and divert it toward the cro-magnon skulls of the goat raping beloved of the truly insane Trudeau, the greatest Quisling of our time.
      Then vote that smug, vermin loving mfer out of Parliament for all time.
      Seriously, why the fuck did you Canucks vote this weasel prick in in the first place???

  19. This is sickening!! I don’t know how people in my country can think that muslims are good people.
    Our government introduced a motion to get rid of islamaphobia. Basically trying to make it a crime to speak against islam.
    When will people realize how horrible this ideology is and how rotten these people are. I can’t stand them.

    • Is your government also going to make it a crime to speak against Christians, Jews, and Hindus? And if not, why not?

        • My question was not rhetorical; sorry if I did not make it more clear. It does not make sense for your government, or any government, to pass a law concerning one religion, and one religion only. The law needs to be a blanket law stamping out haters in ALL RELIGIONS!!! So one cannot say a word about islam, but they can slander Christians and Jews? Those who write such a law should be shot dead.

          And I really should add a disclaimer about islam being a religion. I referred to islam as a religion above because it was in the context of our conversation about the article. Islam is NOT a religion, it never was, and never will be. Islam is a dangerous death cult that masquerades as a religion only so that the devil worshippers who practice it can demand some rights.

          • Satan attacks started on garden of Eden to destroy the line that would conceive jesus. God told Abraham that his line would live in Canaan; Satan attacked.
            Hundreds of attacks on God’s people.
            Satan is allah

          • Only Isdamn recruits and retains members by force of arms/ thereat of death.
            Only Isdamn commands its devotes to conquer the woerld.
            Only Isdamn commands its devotes to subvert governments.
            Only SandSharks are doing those things.

      • The motion the government is trying to pass speaks specifically about muslims and stamping out “islamaphobia”. They aren’t concerned about other beliefs. Just islam. My country is headed for destruction.

    • Oh I agree with you both, just try telling ‘meathead’ Trudeau; in fact, Canada is now one of the least informed countries in the west, due to the naive, guileless twit we have running (ruining) the country!