‘FAKE NEWS’ MEDIA in Europe falsely claim there are “Ten attacks per day on Muslim refugees allegedly by ‘neo-Nazis'”

At the same time, they are colluding in a cover-up of the rampant rapes, robberies, assaults, and arsons by Muslim migrants posing as refugees against other migrants, and especially against the native populations of each EU country in which they are squatting.

New Observer  The State-controlled media’s claim that there were “ten attacks per day” on “refugees” in Germany during 2016 is utterly false, as a study of the original data reveals that two-thirds of the “offenses” have nothing to do with physical attacks on “refugees,” and that the figures even include at least 156 criminal acts committed by “refugees” themselves.

The story that there were “ten attacks per day” on refugees originated with a self-confessed Marxist politician and member of the Bundestag for Die Linke (“The Left”) party, Ulla Jelpke, in a post on her website. Die Linke is the direct descendent of the communist SED party which ruled the former East Germany until 1990, and Jelpke serves as that party’s domestic affairs spokesman.

Jelpke wrote on her website that there had been “3,500 reported attacks on refugees and their accommodations” during 2016, producing as evidence for her claim a German Ministry of the Interior report to a parliamentary question she had asked about these “attacks.”

Jelpke provided links to the two-part Interior Ministry report, here and here. The Interior Ministry report bears absolutely no resemblance to Jelpke’s claims, and in fact proves the complete opposite.

The report lists a total of 3,527 offenses related to “refugees.” These offense categories—41 in total—include “crimes” such as “insult,” “displaying signs from unconstitutional organizations,” and, the single largest offense category, “racial incitement.”

Of the 3,527 “offenses,” no less than 1,040 are listed under the “racial incitement” category. These are almost all related to social media posts about the Third World invasion—and therefore not “physical attacks” at all.

In addition, the Interior Ministry report is at pains to point out there is no correlation between the reported offenses and any convictions, as the Federal states do not provide any data on the number of arrests or convictions for each offense.

This means that many of the listed offense categories—such as, for example, “coercion”—are likely to be completely unrelated to any “attacks on refugees by right wingers” and are likely to have been committed by “refugees” themselves against other “refugees.”

The same might be said for a large number of the other offense categories, such as those classified under “theft,” “robbery,” “predatory extortion,” “forged documents,” “confidentiality violations,” and even the one “sexual coercion/rape” offense reported.

It is extremely unlikely that any of these crimes would have been committed by “racist right-wing attackers,”—especially the rape!—but are mostly likely to have been committed by the “refugees” themselves.

In fact, the Interior Ministry openly admits that at least 156, and possibly more, of the offenses cannot be linked to what the report calls “Politically Motivated Crimes—Right wing” (PMK-Rechts).

Furthermore, the breakdown of the offenses listed proves conclusively that there have been nowhere near “ten attacks per day” on “refugees and their accommodations” as Jelpke—and the controlled media—claimed.

This means that, taking all incidents of “arson” (95), “theft” (17), “assault” (349), “Damage to property” (613), “robbery” (6), and even the one “sexual coercion/rape” as having supposedly been committed by “right wingers” directly against “refugees and their accommodations,” this still means that there were in reality “only” some 1,081 physical attacks during all of 2016.

Even this figure is, as discussed above, most likely too high as many of the offenses would have been committed by “refugees” against other “refugees.”

This revised “attack rate” translates to an average of 2.9 per day—which is much closer to official figures released earlier in February 2017 by the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police, or BKA) in its annual statistical report.

The BKA report said there had been 970 “offenses against asylum seekers” registered during the 2016 year, an average of 2.6 every day. The claims by Jelpke and the controlled media of “ten attacks per day” are therefore utterly bogus and devoid of all truth.

This serves as a perfect example of the sort of fake news which has come to characterize the controlled media—and why so few people trust it anymore.

Although some might suggest that Jelpke’s “error” might be down to incompetence on her part, it is however more likely that she has deliberately distorted and lied about the report for her political ends, confident that the controlled media would simply take her word for it and repeat her fantastic lies.

In this view, Jelpke has been proven correct—not a single media outlet, apart from the New Observer, has actually bothered to read the original Interior Ministry report.

The controlled media has simply repeated the Marxist politician’s claims without any attempt at fact checking—even when the original sources were provided.

SWEDEN-controlled media are just as bad, if not worse, than the German-controlled media:

New Observer  The alleged “mass attack on migrants” by “neo-Nazis” at the Stockholm railway stationnever happened, and is a complete fiction invented by one far left Swedish newspaper which was then syndicated through the rest of the controlled media as “fact.”

Even though the facts are abundantly clear, the utterly fictitious Aftonbladet story was translated into English by the international newswires and foreign newspapers, and then transmitted these completely untrue claims all over the world, as you can see in the headlines from worldwide media outlets below.

To establish the truth of what happened in central Stockholm on Friday evening, January 29, 2016, it is necessary to start with the official Stockholm police report on the incident, which can be found on their website here (in Swedish).

This report makes no mention whatsoever of “attacks” upon “young migrants.” Issued on 01-30-2016 at 08:39, this official Stockholm police statement, titled “Summary text about the event in central Stockholm during Friday evening,” says only that: 

On Friday evening, police received information that several people were planning to be in central Stockholm to reveal [with leaflets] the link between unaccompanied refugee children and crime. These leaflets were handed out by black-clad people with headbands and armbands of an unknown color.

The police report confirms that one man was arrested when he punched a police officer in the face. However, not even the police linked this man to the group handing out the leaflets. Another three men, the police statement continues, were arrested later for “being masked and disturbing public order.”

Once again, the police did not link them to the leaflets. In addition, the incidents were regarded as so minor that all four were released without charge. That, according to the official Stockholm police report, was the total amount of “violence” which took place that evening.

Furthermore, the police statement went on to say, “it is not possible to conclude that the people who gathered in central Stockholm belong to any particular grouping”—in other words, the police said that there was no single identifiable organization or group involved in the handing out of the leaflets. Stockholm police spokesman also went on record as saying that there had been no “attacks on migrants” in Stockholm on the Friday evening in question.

Towe Hägg, information officer at the Stockholm police headquarters, told the liberal Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper that “none of the police patrols who were present during Friday evening have reported any incidents of abuse or assaults.”

Asked about the claims that there had been “mass attacks” on “migrant children,” Hägg said that “if there had been any, we have not been notified of them, and we would urge people to make such reports so that we could get to know about them.” This fact bears repeating: according to all official records, and the official police spokesman, there were no “mass attacks” upon “migrant youths” by “gangs of neo-Nazis” in Stockholm city center on the evening of Friday, January 29, 2016.

Despite these facts, the controlled media all over the world have reported extensively that “hundreds” of “neo-Nazis” and “football hooligans” went on a “rampage” through Stockholm, “beating up child refugees.” The origin of this claim comes exclusively from the far left Aftonbladet newspaper in Stockholm.

How the Aftonbladet invented this story, and how this lie came to be syndicated all over the world, provides a valuable insight into how the controlled media goes to work in spreading such outright lies as “fact.” Aftonbladet based its claim that there had been a mass attack on “migrants” on an interview with one single “witness,” a 16-year-old nonwhite allegedly named “Christian.” (Below)

This lone “witness” alleged that he had been slapped in the face by one person at the escalators at the railway station. He also said that the person who had slapped him, had called him a “f***king racist.” As he did not even bother to report it to the police, there is in fact not even any evidence that the face-slapping actually took place.

Furthermore, even if it did happen, this single, isolated, and minor incident might well have been a completely random and unrelated spat between strangers. Also, the fact that the “witness” said that he was a “racist” indicates that it was a “leftist” who carried out the slapping. No reasonable person would interpret one person being slapped in the face by a stranger as “evidence” of “mass racist attacks by neo-Nazi gangs” upon “children refugees.”

In addition, there is not the slightest evidence that this incident—if it even took place—is even linked to the leaflet distributors. The witness claims that it occurred underground at the railway station, while the “reports” all say that the “attacks” occurred in the streets of Stockholm.

The Aftonbladet also released a shaky cell-phone recorded video showing some men running outside the main railway station. This video was claimed to be “evidence of the mass attack,” and was also widely referenced in the controlled media’s news outlets as “proof” of the “rampaging mob of neo-Nazis.”

However, a viewing of the video shows no “attacks upon migrants” at all. As the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper accurately reported (the only one to do so), all that the video shows is policemen chasing the leaflet distributors. 

In one or two scenes, the policemen can be seen hitting the leaflet distributors with batons. In other words, the only “violence” shown in this video is that of the police against whites distributing leaflets—and there is nothing at all showing “neo-Nazi attacks upon children refugees.”

There are two important lessons to be learned from this “mass attack in Stockholm” lie: The controlled media works by simply parroting the most extreme, outrageous and factually incorrect anti-white story it can find, without bothering to fact check in the slightest. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to check up on, and expose, these controlled media outlets by going to the original source material.

No longer does the public have to rely for their “news” upon the devious liars of the controlled media—and real truth is beginning to emerge from the morass of lies and deceit which have for decades smothered the world.