PHILIPPINES: ISIS-linked Islamic militants, Abu Sayyaf, have beheaded 70-year-old German hostage Jurgen Kantner, after the ransom failed to be paid by Sunday, February 26

Jurgen Kanter (below) had been abducted from his yacht named the Rockall while sailing off the coast of the Philippines last year. His wife Sabine Merz was shot dead, and the yacht with her corpse on board found drifting out to sea.

This is the second time Jurgen Kanter and his wife were kidnapped by Muslims. In 2008, the couple was held for ransom for 52 days after being kidnapped by al-Shabaab jihadists while sailing off the coast of Somalia. That time, they were freed after a huge ransom was allegedly paid. One would think they would have learned their lesson the first time! Below is an earlier photo of the couple:

UK Telegraph  Philippine soldiers have found the remains of a German man who was beheaded by Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf militants last week, a military official said late on Saturday,

Both the head and body of Jurgen Kantner were recovered while the troops were conducting combat, search and retrieval operations in Indanan town in the remote southern province of Sulu, colonel Cirilito Sobejana told reporters.

President Rodrigo Duterte has apologized to Germany for failing to save Kantner while insisting that ransoms should not be paid to Muslim terrorists.

WARNING! Graphic Images


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  1. those 2 where idiots that thought that $$ can solve everything and they are above God.Like any rich person.Idiots that think all birds fly.Typical lefty loosers
    I am sorry they where so stupid.I hope God will rest them in peace

  2. while i feel sorry for this guy and his wife, i cant understand why he did not learnt from his past experience that sailing on muslims infested water was not very f***ing bright idea? i wonder if this old dude and his wife was a hardcore liberal leftist? a more sane person will think twice before venturing into muslim infested area or at least bring heavy armed warship escort

  3. My guess is this will not make the media rounds as it is not what they want to get out. People just might realize what sub-human monsters muzzslimes are.

    How many more deaths until they are eradicted? Hope someone sneaks this into Merkel’s email. Or tie her to a chair and make her watch it over and over.

  4. Get a good look at President Duterte. You are going to see a lot more no-nonsense political leaders like him in the next few years. I predict that under his watch you will see the decimation of islam in the Philippines.

  5. Chanting their demonic praise, Allahu Akbar. They sound like a bunch of brained dead mouth breathers.

  6. Did you all forget??? This had nothing to do with peaceful islam or humble loving muslims!!! It was just done by some mentally disturbed person!!!

  7. If and when they are caught, their ears should be pierced with a leather punch, their balls cut off (without anesthesia) and hung from their ears by the vasa deferentia (shoe strings). Plaster the photos all over Muslim neighborhoods in the Philippines with a warning that that awaits them if they join ISIS or any of its affiliates. Then shoot the bastards, wrap them in pigskin and bury them in an unmarked grave.

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    • Don, this was softly announced in the media her in Scandinavia, no noise from ANYONE around this atrocity, precisely the kind of reaction these bastards here in this area tend to have when muslims commit these crimes in order “not to offend” the other useless muslim assholes living here. When Anders Bering Breivik killed the 77 people in Norway it was a scandal and tragedy all over Scandinavia, because he is a white man, certainly the amount of people too. But muslims killed over 100 human beings in France and much more over in Europe, nobody is crying for those people. I wonder if those French victims are already forgotten? Does anybody in Europe even give a shit about their memory and way of death?

      Muslims are inferior bitches who get to do whatever they pleased and they don’t get hold to the same standards of judgment as white European people. It is a freaking SHAME.

      • “Anders Bering Breivik killed the 77 people in Norway ”
        You know Scared, Breivik was just basically a bit too far out in front of the crowd. When the civil wars come, they will be between good people who truly care about their families their religion their nation enough to kill those who threaten those things. And he was exactly right it’s the horrid damned socio/commies that are using muzslime to do that very thing.

    • Don this new was announced with no further problems in Scandinavia. I don’t know what it will take for this people to get angry, how many lives must be lost here in Europe before people react. Muslims seem to be able to do whatever they want and Europe refuses accept their evil and murderous ideology as ground for this behavior.

      But when Anders Bering Breivik murdered people in the terrorist attacks in 2011, he was not excused with mental illness and he was awarded the highest possible sentence. White Europeans are held at different standards than non-white.

      As I non-white myself I find this offensive because is reversed racism. When you as a white person feel that you don’t need to demand from me the same behavior than other white people you are treating me different than your own, you don’t consider me your equal. Why can’t the left see this? Why can’t they stop feeling sorry for foreigners and start demanding from us to step up to the plate and start contributing as much as the original population? That weakness is precisely what abusive foreigners (like muslims) are taking advantage of in order to perpetrate the mooching and exploitation of every country where they live in the West.

  9. Coward Savages, how brave to kill a 70 year old tied man, who can’t defend himself and furthermore was nothing more but a tourist. May all of you get what you deserve soon!

  10. Well, good ol’ Jurgen apparently begged for it and got the expected. Sad story and evil, but who needs to tempt fate like that, when the world is full of beautiful sailing venues??

  11. President Rodrigo Duterte has apologized to Germany for failing to save Kantner.

    Dear President Duterte, Wicked EU leader Markel and other German and EU leaders DON’T CARE that Kantner’s wife was murdered and Kantner was beheaded by Muslims. It’s what the BLOOD SOAKED Quran teaches.

  12. Has this been released in Germany? What does the left say about this? Does Angela Merkel know? Do any for this two last give a shit about this man’s lost life and his wife?

  13. Non-Muslims should never go near any Muslim area. It can cost them their lives.

    President Rodrigo Duterte has apologized to Germany for failing to save Kantner.

    If President Duterte could have saved Kantner, he would have. The Filipino president is the total opposite of German leaders who have colonised Germany with Muslims who are allowed to commit any and all crimes

    Native Germans who peacefully protest are hunted down and viciously persecuted by German authorities.

    • President Duterte IS THE KINDA OF PRESIDENT more countries with a Muslim problem!! HE TAKES NO SHIT!! Maybe the people say Germany, Sweden and Canada (among others) should learn from him!!!!


    • It is unfortunately that some areas of the world can’t afford to have civilized presidents because they are so savage that they need other beasts to decide and exercise control over them in a dictatorship kind of control, unfortunately. With that said, Irak deserved Sadam Hussein, Libya deserved Muammar Gadaffi. Whenever the culture and life philosophy of a country is retrograde and corrupt enough, that is what it takes to have some level of control over their backward citizens. You can’t go into civilized modus with savages.