AUSTRALIA: School principal who replaced convert-to Islam principal after he tried to force students to conform to Islamic practices, is being threatened…by Muslims

A violent threat made against the new principal at Punchbowl Boys’ High School by two Middle Eastern men has been described as “appalling” by the NSW Education boss. Robert Patruno (below) had been threatened in front of teachers by two obviously Muslim men who were heard to have said: “We’re going to get you, we’re going to fuck you up you dog, fuck you.”

Daily Telegraph  This latest development comes amid community anger over the department’s decision to remove principal Chris Griffiths (convert to Islam) and his deputy Joumana Dennaoui (left and right photos below) over a range of alleged issues, including refusing to participate in a state government-funded program to counter violent Islamic extremism after the school was deemed “high risk” and trying to force-feed Islam to his non-Muslim students.

Department Secretary Mark Scott confirmed they had encouraged new principal Robert Patruno  to report the threat “It’s appalling and there are no two ways around that, and it’s disturbing and that is why we encouraged the principal to brief the police on it which he did,” Mr Scott told 2GB.

UK Daily Mail  During Chris Griffiths (below) reign as principal at Punchbowl, non-Muslim students were bullied into attending Muslim prayers, lectures on the quran and cut their hair to conform to Islam,’ according to ‘scared’ parents at Punchbowl Boys High School.

The Muslim-majority Punchbowl Boys High School in Western Sydney has been identified as one of 19 New South Wales schools at risk of radicalizing Muslim students. 

Punchbowl Boys High School former principal Chris Griffiths refused the deradicalization program, claiming he was not comfortable with prayer groups being monitored or the school being ‘stigmatized’.

That was after Muslim students at Punchbowl public school threatened to behead non-Muslim staff and declared themselves ISIS sympathizers, staff alleged. Police feared students at Punchbowl Boys High School were being radicalized after principal Chris Griffiths did not cooperate with a de-radicalization program.

Non-Muslim students being indoctrinated with Islam in a public school:Mr Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoiu were removed from their roles at the Muslim-majority school after an investigation by the Education Department.  The pair were stood down for allegedly stopping female teachers from participating in official events such as the Year 12 graduation ceremony, along with other issues.

Several employees claimed non-Muslim staff were verbally attacked, including with threats of beheading, by Muslim students declaring themselves ISIS sympathisers, according to The Australian.

Mr Griffiths, who converted to Islam in 2014, was sacked in 2016 by Education Department Secretary Mark Scott.  Since the program was refused, ‘scared’ parents have spoken out, claiming the school was run more like a mosque than a school.

The parent of a Year 7 boy, who remained anonymous for the privacy of her son, said he was bullied by other children for not conforming to the Sunni religion. She said he was pressured into praying, and even bullied for having longer hair because it didn’t meet popular religious demands.

‘The kids come up to my son and ask him ‘come and pray, come and pray’. But we do different things to other families and the school. Why doesn’t prayer have to be in school time,’ she told The Daily Telegraph. ‘He goes to school to learn, it’s not a mosque. Religion is for the home, not for the school.’

The worried mother said her son felt pressured to follow common practices at the school, including prayer groups run during the school day. She said she believed former principal Chris Griffiths was responsible for the religious activities, and was happy to see him gone.

Mr Griffiths was replaced by new principal Robert Patruno who has accepted and thrown his support behind the anti-Islamic radicalization program.