‘CALIPHORNIA’ MUSLIM perpetual whiners are demanding that a local official be fired for telling the truth about Islam

Nearly three weeks after Otay Water Board member Hector Gastelum came under fire by designated terrorist group CAIR and other Muslim snowflakes on social media for posting an anti-Muslim tweet, members of the Muslim community are demanding he step down or be fired.

San Diego Union Tribune  Gastelum tweeted on Feb. 19: “Lets pressure OUR Legislators to increase list of so-called #MuslimBan to prevent #SubHuman #Scum from #USA to #MAGA.” The tweet included a link to a Fox News story about Sweden becoming “the rape capital” because of an increase of attacks on women, which was linked to the nearly 200,000 refugees from Islamic countries.

In a Twitter exchange that followed, he explained he was denouncing and classifying Muslims who rape, gang rape, stone women to death, throw homosexuals from the roof and who are pedophiles as “subhuman.” (Apparently, Gastelum has been listening to the President)

During Tuesday’s Chula Vista council meeting, a Muslim named Mona Dibas, associated student body president at Southwestern College, urged the City Council to support the removal of Gastelum from public office. “He called Muslims disgusting names…we are asking him to resign,” she said. “It’s because of actions like his, that people like me are killed and hurt in the streets. We are attacked and we have our hijabs pulled…” (Oh, Noes! a hijab pull…just as bad as the slaughter of Americans in a gay nighclub or American co-workers at a party) 

Chula Vista Councilman Steve Padilla, who is openly gay, called Gastelum’s comments “abhorrent and reprehensible.” “Given his lack of a desire to take responsibility for his comments, I would join the other voices in the community in asking him to step down.” (Obviously, Padilla is clueless about what his precious Muslims would do to him under Islam if they had the chance)

Padilla was the only council member to comment on the issue during the March 7 council meeting. “I think we all should feel compelled to speak out against intolerance and bigotry and ignorance when it occurs…particularly if you are a community representative or member.”

When asked to comment Wednesday, Gastelum initially offered to provide a prepared statement. On Thursday, he said he was too busy. (Good!)