In Germany, Muslims have begun setting (non-Muslim) women’s hair on fire for not wearing a hijab (Islamic headbag)

Is NIKE trying to cash in on this dangerous trend by selling hijabs for women? Will all German women be required to start wearing hijabs to protect themselves from Muslim male supremacists?

In the Berlin underground train station, a German woman’s hair was set on fire by a Muslim as she waited on a busy train platform.

Daily Star  The horrific assault, which was caught on CCTV, took place in a Berlin underground station. Footage shows the victim standing next to a pillar – behind which the attacker is hidden. She suddenly starts flailing around as her hair catches fire causing panic among bystanders. Passengers help her put out the flames as smoke fills the platform.

The suspect is believed to have carried out a similar attack two weeks before. Heidi Vogt from the Berlin Police Force said: “In this case it was also another woman whose hair was set on fire by this stranger. “She was able to extinguish herself. “The young Muslim man fled as well.”

The video was shared on LiveLeak where a source claimed the man was Muslim and had attacked the woman “because she was not wearing a hijab.”

You know how women today are forced to dress in Afghanistan. But did you know how they dressed before Afghanistan became a an Islamic fundamentalist state?