University of Minnesota liberal professor under fire for his strong criticism of Muslim refugees and Islam

It’s easy to assume that everyone in academia is a raging leftist who wants to indoctrinate your children with anti-American/communist multicultural nonsense. However, there are notable exceptions and Professor Dan Demetriou is one of them.

PJ Media  There are professors like Dan Demetriou from the University of Minnesota, who recently posted his thoughts regarding illegal immigration and the potential influx of Muslim refugees. His opinions were quite rational, well-reasoned, and even conservative. Demetriou defended his remarks, saying they had “been seized upon in order to further a political agenda and punish a dissenting voice.”

Now, Demetriou, who teaches ethics and philosophy at the University of Minnesota Morris, is facing a backlash over a Facebook post in which he asserted that illegal immigrants “on average have IQs lower than natives” and that many refugees come from a “cult with repulsive values at war with the west.” He wrote in his Facebook post that “100% of illegal immigrants lower confidence in the rule of law and add people and workers and students we don’t need.”

And not surprisingly, the raging leftists immediately tried to destroy his life for comments such as: “I am persuaded that the leftist immigration and refugee policy agenda, especially given the influence of divisive social justice theory and looming automation, is an existential threat to the US and other advanced Western nations,” Demetriou recently stated publicly.

“Demetriou’s comments constitute a straightforward case of racist hate-speech,” wrote one commenter on a philosophy blog called Daily NousDemetriou, who is currently on sabbatical in Sweden with its 55 Muslim NO GO zones, says he’ll return to the University of Minnesota and continue teaching, although he knows this will probably be an awful experience.ed

Tucker interviewed him on FOX last night: