AUSTRALIA: Senator Pauline Hanson: “Tell me…you line up a number of Muslims, how do you know who’s the good one?”

Call it what you will, but it stinks of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Australians in Australia by Muslim thugs and infiltrators, who come in and do everything they can to disrupt the peace and tranquility of once nice, quiet suburbs in an effort to drive out the native  population and replace it with a Muslim one.

According to Hanson, “They (Muslims) build mega-sized mosques, then park all over the streets, blocking their neighbors’ driveways. They throw their garbage over your fence in an effort to get you to move. Ms Hanson “If you complain or refuse, they come knocking on your door and threaten you if won’t leave, sometimes offering a suitcase full of cash to get you the hell out so they can move more Muslims in.

“I hear Australians that have lived just nice, quiet lives in their suburbs and then they’ve had Muslims come in and wreak havoc on their towns,” says Hanson.