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  1. I love this girl! Her head is on straight for sure. She is more aware than most anti-Trump people I talk to. Plus I’d love to have one of those backpacks.

  2. As I listened to her, I had a flashback memory of the late, remarkable Barbara Jordan.
    Thanks Bonni for a possible alternate future with renewed hope, if young people like her are in it.

  3. Smart kid! Smarter than most adults. I love to see kids like this that are really “with it” and aware.

  4. OMG what a cool kid! She’s worth a dozen of this sort of “grown-up” fool:


    From the People’s State of Cambridge, why am I not surprised. Drove down to New York in his powder-blue Prius with the “I’m With Her” and “COEXIST” stickers on the back just for this, I’m sure. And you can bet those were organic free-range eggs he got from the Whole Foods market.

  5. Dang wish my grands could stand up and stand for TRUTH the way this young lady can. My goodness, now all she needs to do is get on BNI here and get an education on izslime, She’s a young Emma.

  6. Good for her, but female Donald Trump??? Has to stand in line. I’m going to be the FIRST!!! First woman. First Latina. First female Donald Trump!!! But I’ll pass the gauntlet to her. We can’t wait until 2042!!!_ Emma for president!! 2028!!!!

      • The young gal is great.Just sheer
        unconditional honesty.Have Millie
        Weaver of Infowars groom her on
        campus, and then have her cut her
        teeth with Tomi Lahren for the big
        time as a correspondent analyst.
        Right about that time she can take
        over for the retiring Sean Hannity.
        And Emma,you will have my vote!

    • hell I will be dead by 2028 if you want my vote you run for Governor of this state in 2020 that I will hang around for