Designated Terrorist Group CAIR outraged over Iowa Rep. Steve King tweet that says “you cannot build up Western civilization with some other culture’s (Islam’s) babies

 In a tweet supporting anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who recently referred to Muslims of Moroccan heritage in the Netherlands as “scum,”  Rep. Steve King tweeted: “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”


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  1. It’s true. Muslims should worry more about supervising their feral kids and keep them from loitering and harassing girls. They should be better parents and be better Americans.

  2. Cuomo is an extremely dense, hardwired leftoid who tried to desperately to lead Steve King down the road of race, and inequality. This is the perfidious leftist schtick insisting all cultures are equal, or non existent. Unable to admit that the Mohammedan replacement theology has no place for them (and us) people like Cuomo turn on their own and become useful idiots for Islamisation. Vomit inducing!

  3. Mooslimes are allowed to have multiple wives …they will nuke us with their vermin…we have to nuke them first or its all over

  4. “Diversity is an unqualified strength for us”? On what planet is that man living? Every Iowan I’ve ever known has a very patriotic love of their state and country. This guy needs to be in Trump’s cabinet.

  5. Freedom of speech is under attack in America. The left is fighting the ragheads war for them! It makes me sick.

  6. Rep. King’s tweet is pure truth. The cair bears can’t handle truth because they worship alleyoop, the father of lies.

  7. Chris, READ THE KORAN, and then come and ask your questions again!!
    Islam is not a race. Islam is not, even, not a religion, Islam is criminal, Islam is the enemy of humanity.
    Mr. KIng should have been prepared with few koranic surahs, and then ask the question ‘do you want such people in our country?’ If he/she says yes, then just shut him/her up. They are as dangerous as the Muslims.

  8. In a time when sane logic comes under attack, every time it is offered, sane people come to understand that their entire well being and way of life is at stake. Geert and the good congressman must be applauded and encouraged. We cannot allow evil insane people to rule the world.