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  1. This “wide-load” conservative woman wouldn’t be caught dead at an interfaith meeting pandering to mooslems.

  2. You have the “moderate” Muslims making all nice & cozy with some “infidels”, while the hard line Muslums plot to kill us. They work together, you see.

  3. Can’t help but notice that most of these interfaith supporters are of retirement age. The plague that they are welcoming into our lands won’t effect them in the way that it will my generation. They will be dead and gone and we will have to live with the consequences of their actions!! Much like Brown, Pelosi, Feinstein,Schumer , Warren and Walker will also be gone from this earth. Much like we’re saddled with trillions of dollars of debt because they sold us out.

    I envision the blood of my generation being spilt on our soil to reclaim what they so ignorantly gave away. No regard whatsoever for younger generations, only interested in feeling good about themselves! Your children and grandchildren will curse you for this, you traitors!!!

    If there’s anyone out there under the age of thirty that hasn’t learned how to handle a weapon, time is now. If there’s anyone out there under the age of thirty who can’t defend themselves in a street fight, start training now. If there’s anyone out there under thirty who can’t hit a target with a throwing knife, familiarize yourself with the blade. The time to prepare is NOW!!!

    Went to one interfaith prayer service following the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Not one fuckin mohammedan offered up a prayer. Not one!! I never understood the Biblical passage referencing eating food offered up to idols until I learned about halal. I always thought it was speaking of the ancient past. These rabbis are the very same ones that Yeshua, as a devout Jew raled against!! The very same. Just because they call themselves”Jew” doesn’t make them one. Bastards!!

    There will come a time when the church will meet in houses. The church, after all, is not a building, not the blind following of self righteous leaders, but the the Children of God. In the interim, it would behoove those of my generation to learn how to handle themselves!!

    • Good post Mrs Emma I have been involved in several house churches over the years, started one in a small community in northern Ca, many years ago that turned into a regular church, still going the last I heard. Yes I couldn be more agreed with your statements here, about the guns especially.

  4. Muslims can always get a bunch of religious liberal Christians and Jews ( a/k/a/ suckers) to vouch / front for them at these interfaith spectacles..

    It’s spiritually nauseating to see them .

    How many interfaith love fests have taken place in Muslim countries????


  5. Barbaric Warlord Mohammad triumphantly declared:

    Revolting leftists are EAGER to hold signs declaring ‘Stand with Muslim Neighbours’.

    The devout followers of Barbaric Warlord Mohammad’s Military-Political BLOOD CONQUEST Cult of Islam Savagely Slaughtered Hundreds of Millions of non-Muslim innocents

    The earth is soaked with their BLOOD and TEARS

    It’s of Extreme Importance that we hold an Annual Advocacy Day for the VICTIMS of Muslim Terrorist Attacks.


    Islam’s many victims and their families need to know that other non-Muslims care about victims and support them.

  6. Likely Reform, although the movement should be relabeled Retarded.

    A quick digression…. Today is pi day, and this is a lovely musical rendition where each number of pi (to 31 decimal places) is put to a note value. Enjoy.

    • That video is beautiful. Music is math; math is music. Thank you! A nice break from all the insanity in the world.

  7. Please, always be cautious of anything listed as “INTERFAITH”. It Usually means the destruction of Traditional Christianity, by Fallen LIB MINISTERS, Fallen LIB RABBIS & Fallen ROMAN CATHOLIC, LIB PRIESTS. Run away as fast as you can, there will be an IMAM, INVOLVED!

  8. One of these days the Muslims are going to use that naivety and kindness against you! You will regret welcoming them with open arms. I assure you, you will. There is history.