TEXAS: There’s a special place in hell for easily intimidated leftist principals who turn public schools into mini-mosques

And now, there’s a special room in school exclusively for Muslim students so they can lift their asses to allah, several times a day. Bowing to Muslim supremacy since 2009, Scott Warstler, principal of Liberty High School had been allowing Muslims, ONLY Muslims, to leave school for hours at a time to attend mosque every Friday afternoon with no repercussions…then rewarded them with a taxpayer-funded mini-mosque to pray in during school hours.

EAG News  (Creeping Sharia h/t Amil I)  School officials initially opened up a small conference room for Islamic prayers in 2009 after they noticed some Muslim students leaving on Friday afternoons to pray, and demand eventually forced them to dedicate an entire classroom for the ritual.

“This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer,” principal Scott Warstler told Wingspan, the student site. 

To ensure Muslim Supremacist demands for special religious accommodations in American public schools are met, Muslim students are advised to drop to the floor and pray anywhere they want at any time during the day…which is disturbing to everyone else.

Islamic Association of Collin County Youth Director Ryan Hillard explained why it’s important for Muslim students to have special access to private rooms so they can pray whenever they feel like it.

“By praying five times a day, which includes movements such as bowing and prostrating where you actually place your forehead and the tip of your nose on to the floor and also facing a specific direction, not only shows uniformity, in terms of how Muslims pray together and come together for that purpose,” Hilliard said. (Notice how girl students are relegated to the rear of the room behind the boys)

No such accommodations for Christian students. Last fall, officials at O’Donnell High School, in O’Donnell, Texas, rushed to cover up a student painting of the Ten Commandments and an accompanying Bible verse after a single complaint, EAGnews reports.

At Patterson Middle School in Killeen, Texas, school officials forced a staffer to censor her “A Charlie Brown Christmas” decorations to remove a reference to “Christ the Lord” shortly before Christmas, though a judge ultimately overruled the school, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.

In other places, school officials and teachers have ended Bible studieslectured students for reading the Bible during free time, and taken other actions to block Christian students.