CALLING ALL MISSOURI BNIers! CAIR is inviting you Trump-supporters to “Make America Whole Again”

All the barbarically-slaughtered halal food you can eat…provided by Faizan Syed, director of designated terrorist group CAIR-St. Louis (Council on American Islamic Relations) Sunday, March 26th, 3:30–6:30 P.M. at the Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center in Hazelwood, MO.

CAIR  The ‘Make America Whole Again’ Mosque Open House for Trump Supporters will feature guided tours of the Islamic center, including the prayer hall and the school. (Be sure to bring your video cameras)

There will be presentations on “Islam 101,” along with small group discussions (great chance for BNIers to ask questions they either won’t answer or will change the subject…but you can provide the answers for them).

An international ‘barbarically-slaughtered animal HALAL dinner will be served. (Be sure to eat before you come. You’ve probably seen the inhumane brutality of Halal slaughter. If not, take a look at the ‘Halal Slaughter’ section here in the Categories List in the sidebar)

Activity tables at which guests can get henna temporary art tattoos, have their names written in Arabic gifts, Islamic information table, try on and get a photo wearing traditional clothing from around the world, and much more. The event is free, is family friendly and open to the public. Organizers request people register online as space is limited.

Faizan Syed lectures Donald Trump after the election:

“It is time for us to take sincere steps to reach out to those who may have serious suspicions about Islam and American Muslims in order to make America whole again,” said Faizan Syed, executive director of CAIR-Missouri. “We could easily hold a mosque open house and host hundreds of people who already support the Muslim community. That’s not what we want. We want to actively reach out to those who may never have met a Muslim and have a lot of misconceptions about our faith.”

Faizan Syed  is also a big supporter of sharia law for America and wants to form a group to “Report anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities so they can take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Sharia ruling.” Z Truth

Not only that, Syed headed up the CAIR-Hamas contingent that descended on Ferguson, MO, during the riots as a way to bring jihad to America.

Make America Whole Again Online Registration

WHAT: Make America Whole Again: Mosque Open House for Trump Supporters

WHEN: Sunday, March 26th, 3:30 – 6:30 P.M.

WHERE: Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center

8945 Dunn Rd, Hazelwood MO, 63042


CONTACT: CAIR-MO Executive Director Faizan Syed, 314-403-3626 E-Mail: [email protected], Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center Communication Coordinator Dr. Ferrahs Abdelbaset, 314-229-0894[email protected]