HUFFPO AGHAST! Another Trump advisor understands the Islamic threat to America

Frank Wuco, senior Trump advisor, thinks Muslims “by and large want to subjugate non-Muslims.”

HUFFPO  A senior national security official in the White House has said he believes Muslims are dedicated to establishing Sharia law in Western countries, where he apparently thinks they want to “subjugate and humiliate” non-Muslims.

Frank Wuco ― a former radio host and veteran Naval Intelligence officer ― was hired on Jan. 20 as President Donald Trump’s senior White House adviser for the Department of Homeland Security, according to a recent report from ProPublica. 

“Prior to his time in the White House, Frank Wuco spewed anti-Muslim attacks as a pundit on Fox News and host of his own radio show,” Media Matters spokeswoman Laura Keiter told The Huffington Post, adding that it “is incredibly dangerous for someone like Wuco who espouses extremist views to have a hand in policymaking ― and the ear of the president.” (Get used to it)

In June 2016, Wuco was asked by Breitbart News about Omar Mateen, the shooter who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

“There’s nothing radical about him at all,” Wuco said. “He is a Muslim who is following the strictures of Islam and its guidance and prescriptions for violence and warfare against unbelievers. … If you’re a Muslim, you believe it’s being prescribed by God and it’s being ordained by the wisdom of Muhammad.”

While perfectly happy to subjugate and humiliate non-Muslim members of their societies (just ask Christians in Egypt or Indonesia how easy life is), Muslim populations by-and-large will become enclave societies that, first, resist assimilation and then, will make every effort to establish independent rule for their enclaves under Sharia law, using violence to secure what they believe to be their divinely revealed right; the eventual subsuming of all that lies outside the dar al-Islam (House of Islam), until all is within it; until all is consumed by Islam in preparation for God’s final judgement of man.