On Muslim Capitol Day in Florida, sponsored by designated terrorist group CAIR, Muslims will again be infiltrating the State Capitol Building and praying in the lobby

Muslim supremacists from CAIR sponsor annual pilgrimages to Capitol buildings in several different states where they waste the time of State lawmakers complaining about anti-Muslim bias, anti-sharia protests, and for the first time, this year, a roster of new grievances related to Donald Trump, including the alleged (and often fake) rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes, and no doubt, the temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.  

FLMCD  Florida Muslim Capitol Day is a unique two-day, non-partisan event open to all community members to advocate for policies that protect our values, our neighbors, and ourselves.

On April 4th, participants will receive required training on how to effectively engage with their elected officials on pre-determined Muslim issues and legislative agenda. The following day will be a lobby day in which participants attend scheduled meetings with Florida State Legislators and to demand that more attention be paid to the plight of Muslims in America facing anti-Muslim bias, and Donald Trump’s “illegal” Muslim ban.

As always, Floridians will not be able to enter the building while these Muslims conduct their ritual praying on the floor of the Capitol lobby before they begin harassing our representatives.

Perhaps anti-white racist, sharia-supporter and terrorist sympathizer, Ahmed Bedier, will give a speech again on the Capitol steps where he likes to compare Jesus to the Taliban. More about Ahmed and his terrorist brother HERE