Designated terrorist group CAIR calls Texas Attorney General’s objection to a special Muslim-only prayer room in school “a cheap Islamophobic publicity stunt”

State Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office sent the Frisco school district superintendent a letter expressing “concerns” that the classroom is being used exclusively by Muslim students for prayer during school hours.

WAPO  “It appears that the prayer room is ‘dedicated to the religious needs of some students,’” a deputy attorney general wrote in the letter, quoting an article written by an 11th grade student, “namely, those who practice Islam.” In a news release the same day, the attorney general’s office went further:

“Recent news reports have indicated that the high school’s prayer room is … apparently excluding students of other faiths, the release said. That would be a constitutional violation, the Texas AG’s office noted.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot is taking these concerns seriously.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has often criticized what he calls anti-Christian discrimination in Texas schools while schools like Liberty High School bend over backwards to accommodate the religious needs of Muslim students.

We “recently became aware of Liberty High School’s prayer room,” Deputy Attorney General Andrew Leonie wrote to the schools superintendent — about two weeks after the room was profiled in the student newspaper. “Our initial inquiry left several questions unresolved.”

It sounded like the state had been investigating the matter, but school officials said they were blindsided when reporters started calling on Friday.

“What initial inquiry are you referring to?” the superintendent wrote in his reply to Paxton’s office, asking for evidence that the school was breaking any rules, and whether the state had made any attempt to find out before going public.