In Justin Trudeau’s Islamic Canada, Muslim women wearing headbags are allowed to be prisoner escorts

That’s right, give the big, muscular male prisoners something to grab onto around the escort’s neck, making it easier to strangle her and get away.

Insauga  Yusra Syed’s job is to escort prisoners to and from prison to the courthouse and from holding facility to the courtroom. She is the first officer in her position to wear an Islamic  headbag on duty and her presence is, she hopes, will inspire other Muslim women to expand their horizons and pursue dreams they might not be expected to have. (Because it’s every Muslim woman’s dream to escort male prisoners who could kill her in an instant?)

When people think of women in general—let alone observant Muslim women—they don’t often think of challenging traditionally male-oriented jobs like policing. But by joining the Peel Regional Police as a special constable, prisoner escort officer (PEO) Syed is working—simply by being present and wearing a symbol of Islamic supremacism and misogyny—to change that.