NOT AGAIN! Media fall for the same bogus anti-Muslim hate letter, penned by a Muslim, and sent to yet another mosque

How many more times will designated terrorist group CAIR try to get sympathy for Muslims by using the same alleged anti-Muslim hate letter addressed to “Children of Satan,” which refers to “your mothers as whores” and “your fathers as dogs,” which are dead giveaways that the letter writer is a Muslim. Yet CAIR who has gotten TV news coverage in several states of this VERY FAKE NEWS story does it again…in Iowa, this time. (See links below video)

The Iowa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling for a hate crime investigation of an anti-Muslim message left at a mosque in that state. The same letter has been sent recently to other Iowa mosques, and to mosques in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia.

Somehow I doubt that the FBI is really investigating this overused and abused fake sob story but there are probably a lot of Obama holdovers in the Iowa office.



What the sharia-compliant leftist media won’t tell you about the phony anti-Muslim hate letter being sent to mosques all over America is that it’s an effort by Muslims to get pity for Muslims…and it seems to be working

Designated terrorist group CAIR demands “hate crime” investigation of alleged anti-Muslim, pro-Trump, hate-filled letter sent to a local Islamic center in San Jose

Oh, NOES! Designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding police protection after second mosque receives same anti-Muslim letter a mosque in San Jose received

How many more news stations are going to promote the CAIR scam about an anti-Muslim hate letter allegedly sent to three mosques by a unidentified ‘Islamophobe’