YES! TRUMP DOJ says Muslim terrorist convicted in Brooklyn Bridge terror plot should lose U.S. citizenship after release

U.S. authorities took rare action today to strip U.S. citizenship from a Paki-Muslim convicted in 2003 of terrorism-related charges related to an al-Qaeda plan to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. Instead of just being released in 2020, the Justice Department, under Donald Trump, has filed a civil suit to revoke the naturalization of Iyman Faris, a Pakistan native, who is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for providing material support to the terrorist organization.

Washington Times  Authorities said Faris was targeted for revocation because of his terrorism-related conviction but the civil action was based on evidence that he lied during the course of the naturalization process – including fraudulently using another man’s passport when he initially entered the United States in 1994 and lying about the circumstances under which he entered the United States.

“The Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation will continue to pursue denaturalization proceedings against known or suspected terrorists who procured their citizenship by fraud,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler. “The U.S. government is dedicated to strengthening the security of our nation and preventing the exploitation of our nation’s immigration system by those who would do harm to our country.”

9/11 from the Brooklyn Bridge:

Revocation of an immigrant’s U.S. citizenship is rare, but allowed under the Immigration and Nationality Act if naturalization was “illegally procured or procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation,” according to the DOJ.

Faris previously admitted to traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan in late 2000 to meet with Osama bin Laden and other senior Qaeda leaders, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. When he returned to the United States in 2002, he investigated how blowtorches could be used to sever the Brooklyn Bridge suspension cables and sent updates back to al Qaeda operatives about the plan, finally telling them security was too tight around the bridge to carry out the attack.

Back on April 26, 2011, it was revealed that Al Qaeda has long had a fascination with suspension bridges, especially the Brooklyn Bridge. According to the New York Times, new documents reveal that before the 9/11 Attacks, methods for bringing down bridges were being taught at a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 Attacks, reportedly told fellow terrorist Iyman Faris to “destroy the Brooklyn Bridge by cutting the suspension cables.”

FLASHBACK: Brooklyn Bridge terror attack on Jewish students

Back on March 1, 1994, a Lebanese-born Muslim immigrant Rashid Baz (above) opened fire on a van full of 15 Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish students traveling on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Rashid Baz was convicted in 1995 of murdering Yeshiva student Ari Halberstam, 16, and trying to kill more than a dozen others in a van with a hail of bullets he fired on the Brooklyn bridge on March 1, 1994. Muslim killer finally admitted he picked targets of 1994 attacks because they were Jewish.

Imagine a world without Islam:



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  1. How about this Muslim terrorist b…h, Rasmia Odeh who lied on her application and is still basking in the glory of the feminazis, leading these stupid women marches together with her BFF, Linda Sarsour?

  2. Finally some common sense!!!! All of the muslims who prance around with anti-American ideals need their revoked automatically too. If they don’t love America above all else they need to get the hell out and not be let in again ever! I would be in favor too of a firing squad for all of the muslims that plot violence or actually do it as well.

  3. I read all those reports about the enemy within, and cannot help the nagging question, WHY NOT START WITH OBAMA, who is the cause of that mess?!!!!
    He is a national, and dare to say ‘international’ criminal.

  4. Revoking citizenship is allowed …. if you lied on your application …. seems reasonable …. do the revocation while he is in prison …. he’s available …. don’t give him a 5 year stay after he is released ?

  5. Laws should be passed concerning immigrants who commit serious offenses. It should be law that any immigrant who commits a felony, especially a violent one, be deported back to their home country after serving their sentence. The Islamic shithole they originate from has to agree to this. Otherwise no citizenship in the first place.

  6. Its a start, shouldnt have been let in in the first place though. This should be a precedent for all non natural citizens, even if they were born in the States but the parents were from another country, commit a crime, serve a jail sentence then get the boot

  7. This is great news indeed! Thus far the vermin felt that once US citizenship is acquired, it is pretty much permanent and irrevocable! This new move would give pause to vermin activity. I do wish that there is a way that the ENTIRE family can be stripped of citizenship, but then again that is both asking for too much, and against our own due process laws.

    • why cant we eliminate muscums and islam from the planet? its really the only way to have peace…just common sense…a first grader could tell you that!

  8. Why is the guy who opened fire on the Jewish students still alive? If any relations of mine were in that van I would have made sure he is dead.

  9. All this over ONE pile of dog crap, I won’t be excited until I hear of a few hundred thousand of the dung heaps are packed up and sent off to sodom a rabbida.

      • Yes and thank you BNI, I do appreciate the good effort, and I know the wheels of govt. do grind slowly, I am just watching Israel closely and my God we are right on the cusp of a world war and I guess I get anxious a bit at times. I’m not fearful I just want the bleeping world to wake up.. please keep up the good work.