DONALD TRUMP Jr. under attack for linking today’s Muslim terrorist attack in London to the terrorist-sympathizing Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

Instead of statements of support or prayers for the victims, Donald Trump Jr reacted to the the London terror attack on Wednesday by criticizing Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, the same Sadiq Khan who has repeatedly trashed President Donald Trump, saying he should be barred from entering Britain and threatening more Islamic terrorist attacks on America because of Trump’s Muslim ban.

UK Daily Mail  Around 1pm ET, Donald Jr re-tweeted an article from September, in which Khan, the city’s first Muslim mayor, stated that terror attacks were ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city. 

Many criticized President Trump’s eldest son, saying his comments were inappropriate so soon after a tragedy that has so far claimed the lives of at least four people. 

A Donald Trump tweet about the UK’s Muslim problem during the campaign for president:

 ‘Is it really appropriate, considering your father’s position and what’s happening today, to attack the Mayor of London?’ one Twitter user asked. Another user added: ‘Your complete lack of intelligence continues to show through. It is quite amazing, actually.’ 

London Muslim Mayor threatens America.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has deep ties to terrorist groups.