ILLINOIS: Terrorism-linked Muslim Brotherhood’s student arm, the Muslim Student Association, shows American girls how to submit to male domination by wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag

Because nothing symbolizes women’s rights more than glorifying a death cult posing a religion that enslaves and oppresses women more than any culture on earth.

PJ Star  Several teachers and students had already donned the distinctive head covering and hurried to class early Wednesday before Ariej Mohamed arrived for school. But when Mohamed, a senior at Richwoods High School, saw dozens of students in the school foyer, either wearing or waiting to try on Muslim headbags, she went into typical teen-girl ecstasy.

“Oh, my God, this means the world to me,” she raved. “People are standing with me. I didn’t go to the Women’s March, but this is just as inspiring.” 

In that moment, international tensions surrounding prejudice, travel bans and Islamophobia dissolved into joyous giggles of teenage girls celebrating World Hijab Day. (Will they be celebrating Muslim Female Genital Mutilation Day next?)

This is the second year Richwoods students participated in the global Muslim event, which has occurred Feb. 1 for the past five years. Women of all faiths wear the traditional religious headcovering, a symbol of oppressioon, in solidarity with Muslim women. 

Mohamed, who is Muslim and president of the school’s Muslim Student Association, intentionally desecrated the American flag, by wearing a red, white and blue headbag printed with the stars and stripes of the American flag.

Mohamed lied when said women can choose whether or not to wear the hijab. In the West, it might be her choice but not in most Muslim countries, where it ordered by men.

For her, wearing the scarf represents safety and security, even though she has been the subject of crude comments from strangers. (No, she wears it to show she is better than uncovered women in accordance with Islam) “I feel like it’s a way to say I’m Muslim, it makes me feel stronger,” Mohamed said.

Richwoods High School is becoming sharia-compliant by giving Muslim students their own private space for Muslim prayers during school hours.