ANOTHER fake anti-Muslim hate crime?

Designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding law enforcement authorities investigate an alleged threat to shoot a Muslim woman in North Carolina as a possible hate crime.

CAIR  According to the woman, who is of South Asian Muslim heritage and wears full body- & head-covering Islamic attire (hijab and abaya), a white male in his 40s or 50s driving a pick-up truck pulled into a parking space next to her vehicle as she was nursing her one-month-old child in a Charlotte, N.C., parking lot. (Nursing while wearing a full body bag? How does that work?)

The man reportedly stared at the woman for an extended period and then reached in the back seat of the truck to retrieve a rifle, which he then reportedly pointed at the woman. The Muslim woman went into a nearby store and called police. The man sped away from the scene. (And she didn’t get his license plate number?)

“We ask law enforcement authorities to use all resources available to apprehend the alleged perpetrator and to bring all appropriate charges, including that of ethnic intimidation,” said CAIR National’s chief spokesjihadist Ibrahim Hooper.