MINNESOTASTAN: CAIR demands criminal charges for a man who told a Muslim woman to take the bag off her head

Apparently, the Minnesotastan chapter of designated terrorist group CAIR can’t take “No” for an answer. So, they are demanding law enforcement authorities ‘reconsider’ bringing criminal charges against a man who allegedly harassed a Muslim woman for wearing a highly offensive Islamic symbol of Muslim supremacy.

CAIR  According to the alleged victim, Fardoso Mohamed, who was shopping at the Hornbacher’s in Moorhead, the man told her, “Hey, you need to remove the hijab.” “He was very close to me, and he was yelling very hard, very mad,” said Mohamed. NONE of the bystanders attempted to help Mohamed or intervene on her behalf.  A Moorhead police spokesman said he believed that while the man’s behavior was rude, “no laws were broken.”