SIX STEP RESPONSE to Islamic Intercultural Exchange aka jihad attacks

In the bloody aftermath of increasingly frequent Islamic terrorist attacks in Western nations, a series of steps must be followed to make non-Muslims feel better about themselves while allowing Muslims to feel that they are the ‘real’ victims of each and every deadly Islamic terrorist attack.

  1. Tearful and sad cartoon will be published
  2. Facebook flag filters will be used
  3. Boohooing on TV by media and politicians
  4. Lighting up landmarks in colors of the country attacked and holding candlelight vigils with piles of teddy bears and flowers
  5. Media/Political recognition of Muslims as the real victims of a religion hijacked by the misunderstanders of Islam
  6. Celebrating our great virtue of tolerance for the most intolerant people on earth while awaiting the next Islamic terrorist attack

 Black Pigeon Speaks